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Diva Dirt Style Jury: Week of December 7th, 2009


Welcome to the Diva Dirt Style Jury! No more are the separate ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ lists, instead we have come up with a scientific approach *cough* to compiling our weekly fashion column. The Diva Dirt team will weigh in on the different looks from the week gone by & mark each look with a score out of ten. The look with the highest average score will be our best look and the look with the lowest average score will be the worst look. Click each photo to see the look in full size.

Let the proverbial runway show begin!

Erin: Jillian’s ring outfits are usually pretty dull, but this one is a bit interesting with that color and pattern. It’s still not much, though. 6/10
Melanie: I actually really like this. It’s cute without being boring as with her past outfits. 6/10
Steven: I like the color on her, but would love to see her do something more with her wardrobe. The black pants/colored top combo is getting kinda old. 6/10

Erin: Too “Flashdance” for my taste. I don’t know.. The naked shoulder just looks a little try-hard. It’s not awful, though. 6/10
Melanie: Don’t like it. The top just isn’t flattering on her and I’d prefer pants. 3/10
Steven: Like we said on the Post-Raw Show, Kelly’s outfit this week was… strange. Looks like she grabbed the nearest black bedsheet and fashioned it into an outfit. 4/10

Read on for more of this week’s outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Erin: Not very adventurous or remarkable. Wrestling in that clunky necklace would bug the shit out of me. 5/10
Melanie: It’s decent and looks sexy but it doesn’t look practical. 5/10
Steven: Kristal is sporting the standard “I’m-not-a-wrestler-but-they-put-me-a-match-anyway” gear, but she’s looking pretty hot. Add some sexy pump and it could double as a club outfit. 8/10

Erin: Maria found a way to outdo herself in the “outrageous outfits” department–GREEN CHEETAH PRINT. It looks like a Christmas-themed outfit gone terribly, horribly wrong. That, or a cheetah slipped into a vat or radiative fluid. I just can’t make heads or tails of it, to be honest. 2/10
Melanie: This is probably Maria’s worst look yet. The colours don’t match at all, nothing about this gives me a Christmas vibe and the boot covers are f–king hideous. 1/10
Steven: What the hell, Maria?! Really?! Ms. Kanellis has had her share of fashion faux pas, but this takes the cake. I’m convinced she’s not even trying anymore. 1/10

Erin: I like the brown-ish color, but the tye-dye-ish pattern looks a bit strange covering the entire outfit–top, bottom, book covers–and ends up being too much. Maybe if the boot covers were just plain black, it would tone down the look a bit. 5/10
Melanie: I’m liking this a lot. The colour is very understated for Maryse but she pulls it off so well. It has that sort of sheep-skin, Pocahontas feel to it. It looks really sexy. 7/10
Steven: There’s something intriguing about Maryse’s new gear. The color is little strange, but it works for some reason. 7/10

Erin: I can’t decide whether those were tights or actual pants. Either way, they look like a cat used them as a scratching post–ick. The gray, burgundy, and black colors should go well together, but the individual items clash so badly that the colors don’t matter. A simple pair of jeans would’ve worked wonders here. 4/10
Melanie: The bottom half ruins an otherwise decent look. Her hair looks great and the top works. 5/10
Steven: Love the top, but the bottom half is killing. Looks like she got in a fight with a tiger or a really angry housecat. Note to Melina: Wear jeans next time. 6/10

Erin: I guess for the theme of the match this look was appropriate, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s ill-fitting and unflattering. One can look like a badass without looking like you stole your clothes from a dude backstage. 5/10
Melanie: I think Tara worked it out on Impact, her biker chick look was ‘bad ass’ but at the same time fitted enough to seem ‘sexy’. 6/10
Steven: Nothing special here. Basic street fight gear: Jeans, cutoff T-shirt etc. The beer is a nice touch, though. 6/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed this week’s winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Maria: 4/30
Kelly Kelly: 13
Melina: 15/30
Jillian: 18/30
Kristal: 18/30
Tara: 17/30
Maryse: 19/30

LOSER: MARIA. Maria’s new ring attire is a head scratcher.

WINNER: MARYSE. Meanwhile, Maryse’s new attire is a step up.

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

She keeps it dark and relatively simple for her style, and I like the results. The dress is cute, though I’m not sure how I feel about the thigh-high boots.. They *almost* clash with the rest of the look. Other than that, it’s a pretty nice ensemble. 8/10

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