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Diva Dirt Style Jury: Week of September 28th, 2009


Welcome to the Diva Dirt Style Jury! No more are the separate ‘Best’ and ‘Worst’ lists, instead we have come up with a scientific approach *cough* to compiling our weekly fashion column. The Diva Dirt team will weigh in on the different looks from the week gone by & mark each look with a score out of ten. The look with the highest average score will be our best look and the look with the lowest average score will be the worst look. Click each photo to see the look in full size.

Let the proverbial runway show begin!

Erin: It’s sexy without being skin tight, and I like that. The off-the-shoulder look works well on her. I love her hair too. I have to say, she probably has some of the best “street wear” style of all the Divas. Most end up looking like street walkers (see Friday’s SmackDown), but she doesn’t–not at all. 8/10
Melanie: Another solid black look from Alicia after her killer outfit last week. With the Beyonce-licious legs she has, she should show them off more! 8/10
Steven: Love this look on Alicia. The shorts really show off her killer legs and the chain on the side is a nice touch. Not sure how I feel about the top half though… 7/10
Tiffany: Alicia proved once again that she looks good in black (as most Divas do).  It was an acceptable outfit for ringside attire.  I’m just not a fan of loose-fitting wear that makes women appear larger than they really are.  Though, she pretty much rocked it either way. 8/10

Erin: This one isn’t as flattering as the last one, but I like that she’s trying different styles with the one-pieces. It’s just too busy and sparkly for my taste. 5/10
Melanie: I am not a huge fan of rompers so this doesn’t work entirely for me. That said, I love that she’s showing off her legs more and she looks utterly confident in all of her fashion choices. 5/10
Steven: Have I mentioned how much I hate animal print? Similar to her outfit on Raw, but not nearly as cute. The billowy top does nothing for her figure and I can’t stand the shoestring headband. 4/10
Tiffany: I didn’t quite understand Alicia’s choice on SmackDown.  I can’t quite explain it, but it is certainly a step down from her Raw outfit.  The pattern and style just don’t do it for me. 6/10

Erin: I think they’re cute, and the all-over lace doesn’t look as trashy when it’s in such a pretty color. The cut out back is sexy too, and the fact that the neckline is so high balances out the skin exposure. Though, it’s probably too flashy of an outfit for both of them to wear at once without looking silly. 7/10
Melanie: I really love this look, the dresses are so cute and you can’t see it in the picture, but they are also backless which makes it even more stylish. 7/10
Steven: Something about these dresses rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s the high neckline, or perhaps the lacey material. I do love the color though. 6/10
Tiffany: Blending in with the color of your outfit is not a good look.  Seriously, do they have to match…all the time?  They’re twins; we get it. 5/10

Erin: It’s probably tough for Beth to find street clothes that don’t clash against her tough girl persona, so she’s stuck with denim and leather. I don’t hate the look, but she could have done better. Just because you’re tough doesn’t mean you automatically have to look like you just blew in on a motorcycle–not that there’s anything wrong with that. 6/10
Melanie: Not loving it. There’s something about the vest top that looks kind of ‘butch’, I would’ve like to see something that puts the glamorous in Glamazon. 4/10
Steven: I find that Beth looks her best when in casual gear and this is no exception. Feeling the belt, but the vest is a little too ‘biker chick’ for me. 8/10
Tiffany: Beth looked more biker chick than ‘chic.’  She seems to be bursting out her top, and the jeans are not flattering.  Not her best.  Her last backstage outfit attempt was much better. 6/10

Read on for more of this week’s outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Erin: This would’ve looked a lot better as a dress. I usually like rompers when they’re done well, but there’s too much going on with this one, with all the zippers and such. 6/10
Melanie: I don’t know if it’s a dress or another romper, but I’m not feeling it. 4/10
Steven: Is it just me or is there something about this outfit? It’s like some weird dress/shorts/suspenders hybrid. Not a fan of this look. 4/10
Tiffany: I’m no admirer of the jumpsuit look, but that seems to be Eve’s signature.  I’d just like to see Eve in something other than black, nowadays. 7/10

Erin: Yuck. I hate those type of tops on everyone, especially someone as *cough* top-heavy as Jillian. I like the blue, though. 4/10
Melanie: No, just no. That top is not at all flattering on her. 3/10
Steven: Once again Jillian goes for the simple look and hit the mark. The baby blue top really accents her hair and eyes. As for accessories…, does double stick tape count as an accessory? 8/10
Tiffany: I really do like that shade of blue on Jillian – it really brings out her eyes.  I would have prefered it if she had opted for a dress or even for a longer blouse of that color.  Crop tops are sort of cheap looking, especially when paired with jeans. 6/10

Erin: Well, she stands out, so I guess her mission was accomplished, but it’s just too much. Maybe if she had on pants instead of the Union Jack skirt.. 5/10
Melanie: I get that she’s supposed to look ‘out there’, but it looks like she’s celebrating Halloween all month loing. 2/10
Steven: “VINTAGE KATIE LEA!!!” Sorry, couldn’t help myself. More of the usual from Katie. However, I like how she’s representing for the UK with the flag on her skirt. One of her better looks for sure. 7/10
Tiffany: I’m usually behind Katie Lea’s “kooky dark girl” fashion choices, but the Union Jack seems a bit gratuitous.  The sash, the boots, the dark colors, the obvious extensions… She appears to be treading the line between a Wild Wild West harlot and a Zombie. 5/10

Erin: Girl, put on some pants.. 3/10
Melanie: Is it a dress? A top with shorts? It reminds me of when high school girls are made to wear shorts under their dresses or skirts. 3/10
Steven: Is Kelly wearing a really short dress or a long top? In either case, she looks awesome. The gold band across her bust keeps it from being bland and her knee brace really brought the look together. What? Too soon? 7/10
Tiffany: I keep searching for the rest of Kelly’s outfit.  Is she really trying to pass that off as a dress?  I’d be less convinced if the bottoms didn’t look like panties.  The leg brace was a nice touch. 4/10

Erin: It’s soooo much better than the pink lingerie TBP wear, but that doesn’t say much–anything Maria wears is better than that. I kinda like it, though.. There’s only a few places you could get away with wearing a shiny gold jacket, and this is one of them. Hopefully this starts a new fashion trend for TBP, because I’m so sick of seeing Velvet’s ass. 7/10
Melanie: It seems like a classier take on the TBP ‘lingerie outfits’ and she hits the mark. It’s not as trashy as her new team members & still gets that sex appeal over. 7/10
Steven: Reminds me of Natalya’s old gear, just skanky for TBP purposes. That said, the gold was really working for her. 8/10
Tiffany: Lacey outdid her Beautiful comrades in the outfit department without even trying.  This could be considered a step up for Mi Pi Sexy.  Madison and Velvet need to take Lacey’s lead in more ways than one. 8/10

Erin: I never liked the “mini jacket” trend.. It’s just seems annoying and impractical. The tube top is yucky too. It’s just too skimpy and shiny and makes Layla look *gasp* trashy??? 4/10
Melanie: Err, not feeling it. The top pretty much looks like a bra. The bolero is cute though 4/10
Steven: A rare miss for Layla. Something about the top half of it is so ugly to me. Maybe a jacket that actually closes would be a little more appealing. 5/10
Tiffany: I don’t like uber mini crop tops, especially when paired with jeans… but at least Miss Layla has the abdominals to pull it off.  It just looks like club wear, hence the backstage party I guess.  That withstanding, I’m still not a fan of the look. 6/10

Erin: Too much leather, too heavy makeup, dumb looking thing on her head. She looks wayyy over done and frankly looks silly standing at ringside and trying to look serious in that getup. 4/10
Melanie: I didn’t like it on Beth and I don’t like it on Maria. 4/10
Steven: Another tame week for Maria. I kinda like this outfit, but the hair and glove throws it off for me. Is it really that hard to put on another glove? 6/10
Tiffany: We’ve seen this outfit a million times from Maria.  Unfortunately, “peppy” and “biker chick” don’t exactly make a happy marriage.  She gets points for being consistent, at the very least. 7/10

Erin: Simple, but probably too dressy for standing at ringside. It just doesn’t look right in this element. 6/10
Melanie: Pretty simple, cute but a tad too safe. 6/10
Steven: Not much to say about Natalya’s outfit this week. She looks great and the dress is pretty, but there’s nothing memorable about the look. 7/10
Tiffany: What’s with these Divas and black?  You’d think they were headed for a funeral or something.  Natalya still looks good, I would just rather see her in a brighter color (besides pink). 6/10

Erin: It looks like someone netted a hot pink fish. Not cute, just overzealous. 4/10
Melanie: I thought her arm was in a sling when she first came out. The mesh thing is awful and the hot pink top is awful too. 3/10
Steven: The first I said when Rosa stepped through that curtain was: “What the hell is Rosa wearing?!” The leather pants are the same ones she always wears, but the top looks like something The Pussycat Dolls threw up. 3/10
Tiffany: Rosa Mendes’ Raw outfit gave me some serious Ashley Massaro whiplash.  Ashley could barely pass for wearing mesh, and Rosa doesn’t even come close.  The cheap rose design reminds me of Chinese slippers.  Sorry ladies, but Lita did it best. 4/10

Erin: A lottt better this time around. She shows a lot of skin with the cuts on the side, but it doesn’t look that bad with the overlay. I’d like it better if it there was another color in there than just black so there could be a beeter distinction between the top and the bottom. Like this, it kind of makes it look like a catsuit–ew. 6/10
Melanie: I love it, major upgrade from Raw. The little ‘tears’ are very stylish. 7/10
Steven: Can’t say I paid much attention to this outfit on Smackdown, but on second glance I’m not a fan. All the sheer, mesh material is definitely a turn off. It’s miles better than that ring gear though. 5/10
Tiffany: Oh, dear.  Can Rosa even make the effort to prove that she owns one article of clothing that isn’t black?  The shredded tights are laughable, as well as the peek-a-boo top. 3/10

Erin: I like the purple, but it almost looks too tight and too short–go for one or the other, but not both, especially with such a low neckline. 6/10
Melanie: It was cute, I think the dark-hued ‘safe’ and ‘cute’ dresses are becoming Savannah’s thing. 6/10
Steven: Not a fan of purple, but Savannah is rocking it. Not to mention the cut is showing off all of her curves. Job well done! 8/10
Tiffany: The cut is cute.  Purple is certainly Savannah’s color, but I struggle to find one dress that doesn’t work on her.  Angela’s been pretty solid so far, I hope to see her keep it up. 9/10

Erin: I liked it better in the photoshoot, when she was wearing shorts. I looked more like a bodysuit there, but here it looks like she should have a gag ball in her mouth. Too much of an S&M vibe. 3/10
Melanie: This is like the total opposite of Rosa’s pleather fetish. It looks more trashy. 2/10
Steven: Not liking this look at all. Looks like it’s straight out of Maria’s closet. TNA have done wonders for Tara’s career, but they’re doing nothing for her wardrobe. 4/10
Tiffany: The pants are cool, but the top is stripper-esque.  Tara is a hot woman, and I’m glad that she’s able to exude her hotness on our television screens.  I’d just like her in something more respectable and less “dominatrix.” 5/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed this week’s winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Rosa Mendes #1: 14/40
Tara: 14/40
Kelly Kelly: 17/40
Layla: 18/40
Katie Lea: 19/40
Alicia Fox #2: 20/40
Eve Torres: 21/40
Jillian: 21/40
Maria: 21/40
Rosa Mendes #2: 21/40
Beth Phoenix: 24/40
The Bella Twins: 25/40
Natalya: 25/40
Savannah: 29/40
Lacey Von Erich: 30/40
Alicia Fox #1: 31/40

LOSER: ROSA MENDES #1 & TARA. It’s the first Style Jury tie! Rosa & Tara take the hit this week.

WINNER: ALICIA FOX #1. For the second week in a row, she’s still your Foxy winner. Despite polling low with her second look of the week, her Raw look won out.

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

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