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Diva Dirt Style Jury: WWE Hall of Fame 2010 Special

Divas beware, we judge what you wear! Welcome to a special Diva Dirt Style Jury in honor of last Saturday’s Hall of Fame ceremony. The Divas dressed to the nines for the event but who was red carpet worthy and who wasn’t? We have compiled all of the looks and marked them on a scale of 1-10. At the end of the scoring, we work out the combined score for each look and the Diva with the highest combined score is our winner and the Diva with the lowest combined score is our loser.

So, let the proverbial runway show begin!

Cryssi: Miss Fierce got it so, so, so wrong on this night. The outfit is horrendous, busy, and I hate the sheer section between her breasts. It’s so tacky and gaudy and I can’t believe Foxy went with this look for the classiest night of the year. Bad, bad decision and bad hair. Nightmares. 2/10
Erin: Someone’s looking to be the show stopper. The faux-mohawk, horse’s mane hairdo isn’t doing it for me, and neither is the tethered pantsuit-looking outfit. It’s certainly gutsy and fitting for her character, I suppose, but I don’t think any Diva should look like 70’s upholstery crossed with a horse 4/10
Melanie: This is a freaking hot mess. From the rowdy hairstyle to the far too busy looking dress, I don’t know quite where to look first. This is a Maria-sized monstrosity, if you ask me. 2/10
Steven: I don’t know what Alicia was thinking when she picked out this dress. All the see-through parts looks really hoochie to me. Also, the hair is awful. It reminds me of a Trojan helmet. 2/10

Cryssi: Almost a wow factor here. The Glamazon looked AMAZING. Her dress was classy with a hint of sexy, and her hair looked gorgeous. I love this dress on Beth and no other diva could have pulled it off. She’s downright fabulous and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. No wonder David was drooling. 9/10
Erin: So sexy! The bustier neckline does wonders for her, and the colors are understated and sexy. It certainly has a lingerie feel to it, but the silhouette keeps it classy. I don’t think Beth has ever looked sexier! 9/10
Melanie: Simply gorgeous. Beth’s figure has never looked better than in this dress. The Glamazon looks so sexy and feminine, she really does look like a million bucks. Her hair is gorgeous and the simplistic acessorizing does wonders for this outfit. Beth looks like a statuesque figure of perfection. 9/10
Steven: I don’t think I have ever seen Beth look so beautiful. From head to toe, Beth is rocking the hell out of this dress. 10/10

Read on for more of this week’s outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Cryssi: When it comes to fashion, the Bellas definitely march to the beat of their own drum and HoF night was no exception. Learning from her fashion faux pas of last year, Brie opted for this pretty, flowing Grecian style gown with an interesting headpiece that she could have done without. I love red on both Bellas and except for the headpiece, I totally dig this dress. 7/10
Erin: She’s wearing a simple enough dress, and the red is pretty. But what’s with the headdress? Again, it’s the HOF, not a costume party. Save the epic head accents for October. I understand her love for headbands and such, but this just looks silly. 4/10
Melanie: It’s a little too plain and frankly, it doesn’t look flattering on Brie’s body — it makes her look pregnant. I think she should have gone with something more figure hugging. 5/10
Steven: Come on, Brie. You can do better than this. This outfit is totally uninspired and the headdress is really out of place. 3/10

Cryssi: Gail went for the red carpet look of the season according to Cosmo with the bustier style top to her dress. It looks really good on her, and for Gail this was a bit of a risk. She usually plays it safe and I appreciate the fact she went all out and tried something I never expected her to try. Is it Earth shattering? Not at all, but it’s still pretty. 7/10
Erin: This dress is almost the same idea has Melina‘s, but the overhanging of lace makes it look more trashy than classy. The hair, jewelry, shoes, and cut of the dress are superb, though. I just kind of want to reach out and cut off the excess lace, or at least extend the black material underneath so it looks less like a Tim Burton creation. 6/10
Melanie: First of all, I love the shows dearly but the dress really does look like an XXL funeral veil. There’s too much lace and the fringe at the bottom just doesn’t look nice. I like the top half, I wish the bottom half was more sleeker and sexier. 4/10
Steven: Gail goes for the ballerina look like Melina, but I think she pulls it off a lot better. Maybe because it’s not so poofy? Also, Gail’s hair and earrings look great! 7/10

Cryssi: Jillian was a pleasant surprise. The color was eye catching, the make of the dress was different and flattering to Jillian’s curves. Her hair was so pretty and her make-up looked great. She’s so hit or miss these days and this look is a definite hit. 7.5/10
Erin: This is a bit too night club-esque for this event, but I like the sash. The shininess and bright blue color look more fitting for an night on the town than what should be a black-tie event. Still, it’s the WWE, and nothing is ever by the book. It look nice on her, but I just think Jillian could have found a more appropriate dress. 6/10
Melanie: Erin hit the nail on the head — this is a dress you’d wear on a Saturday night when you’re going out with your girls. I appreciate that Jillian looks piercing in blue though.5/10
Steven: A little too short, but a very pretty dress nonetheless. The sash between the boobs is a little off putting however. 7/10

Cryssi: Katie was a nice surprise for me. She has an amazing body and this little mini shows it off really well. She kept it simple and despite the shoes, I like the look a lot. It could have been better, but it could have been worse. 5/10
Erin: Wow! Katie never dresses this sexy, but I can’t see why–she looks fantastic here. The dress seems super short for her, but it’s so simple that it works. The chains and red makeup help her keep close to her on-screen persona, but it doesn’t look like she’s going to the HOF in character, which is good. She has dedication to her signature style, but won’t let it tie her to wearing the same old, same old. 8/10
Melanie: Really simple… perhaps a little too much. But then again, for Katie, that may be a good thing. She looks svelte and sexy in black though. 5/10
Steven: Simple, but it looks more like something you’d see at the club. The white/blond dread thingies have to go though. 6/10

Cryssi: My pretty Barbie girl looked soooo gorgeous at the HoF. Kelly’s dress fit her like a glove. It was simple, stunning, and very classy. She showed everyone just enough in the back to tease, and leave a lot to be desired. She shined like a beacon of light on Saturday night, and for once, it wasn’t just her smile. 9/10
Erin: Yay, she’s not wearing pink! I love the gold color, actually. It’s neutral enough so that the flower pattern doesn’t look like it’s more suited for a bedspread. The cut is simple in the front, allowing for the extreme exposure in the back. It’s a study in moderation, and I love it. Seeing Kelly look somewhat subdued is a different look, but I like it. 8/10
Melanie: Kelly Kelly looks like a gorgeous grown up woman! This dress is absolutely gorgeous and the backlessness just above the butt curve is showstopping. Okay, Kelly doesn’t have the best booty to pull it off but she still looks extremely elegant and sexy. I love her hair like this too.8/10
Steven: Kelly looks great, but I can’t say I’m blown away. The color really compliment her though. 7/10

Cryssi: Layla was a little plain and boring for me. The color is just okay for me, and I don’t like the way she did her hair. I’ve come to expect so much from Layla and I felt really letdown by this. She’s such a beautiful woman and she could have really stolen the show if she had picked the right dress. 5/10
Erin: I love that gorgeous blue color, and the cut of the dress is good and simple. The only part I’m not a fan of is the bangs–they’re too piecey. If they were full across her forehead, it’d look great. 6/10
Melanie: In my humble opinion, Layla is the most gorgeous girl in the WWE bar none but this look is far too safe and boring for such a beauty. The dress is blah and Layla’s hair tied up like that ages her by at least five years. 4/10
Steven: Another really plain dress for the ceremony. After last year’s over the top flop, Layla decided to tone it down but I don’t think it paid off. She does look fantastic from the neck up, however. 5/10

Cryssi: Jaw dropping gorgeous. Best dressed of the night. Proof that she is the sexiest of the sexy. Red carpet worthy. Maryse was amazing on HOF night. Girl crush alert. 10/10
Erin: Wow.. I guess there’s a way to tease a peep-show while keeping the look relatively classy, and Maryse has somewhat achieved that. I think if she pulled back on the sparkles a bit, it’d look even better. I’m not sure if I like the slicked back hair, but it certainly allows for the dress to steal the show. All in all, it’s a look befitting Maryse–a drop dead sexy one! 7/10
Melanie: There simply aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this dress on Maryse. This isn’t just a WWE Hall of Fame dress, this is an Oscar red carpet dress. This is a dress that should win an award itself! Maryse looks absolutely amazing and the detailing on either side of her breasts gives it a sexy edge. Maryse’s hair slicked back and the long dangly earrings are the perfect accompaniment. This is just amazing. 10/10
Steven: From the “Sexiest of the Sexy”, did you expect anything less? The cutouts around the boobs was a little risque, without looking hoochie (Hey Alicia!). Great look from Maryse. 10/10

Cryssi: After being the standout star of last year’s HOF, Melina took a step back for me. There is nothing about this dress I like and I hate saying that because she’s my absolute favorite diva. What I did love about her look was the jeweled headband, the way her hair was fixed, and her make up was absolutely flawless especially the peachy lipstick. She’s gorgeous and we all know that, but her dress was a miss for me. 4/10
Erin: Melina loves her big skirts, and this is not different. The black color saves it from looking like ballerina garb, and the sparkly accents in the jewelery, headband, and dress straps pull it together. It’s what could be a rather simple look amped up by the details. Pretty ponytail, too. 7/10
Melanie: I do not like the big poofy skirt at all. Melina looks like she’s wearing a costume rather than an outfit. I don’t like the headband either, I think her hair looks just as pretty without it. 5/10
Steven: Did Melina escape from someone’s music box? I’ve never been a fan of the ballerina-esque dresses, so this just doesn’t hit the mark for me. 4/10

Cryssi: Another disappointment for me. Michelle is to beautiful to look so plain. On a positive note, those shoes are brilliant. I want them ASAP. 6/10
Erin: This is such a pretty dress, from the color to the tulip-like skirt to the jeweled, peacock-like accents on the bust. It’s different for this type of event, but unlike Jillian’s look, it still looks appropriate. It’s a gutsy, different look for Michelle and I really like it. 9/10
Melanie: This dress is beautiful — it’s understated but has an amazing edge to it that I love. The ruched layers at the bottom are what I immediately fell in love with, that detailing is just gorgeous. The detailing at the top with the peacock pattern again just look gorgeous and adds something to the dress that makes it stand out that much more. 9/10
Steven: Not a fan of this look. The front reminds me of a peacock and the layered skirt looks really strange. 4/10

Cryssi: When it comes to fashion, Mickie James and I don’t see eye to eye. Until now. Her Spanish style dress is a fashion risk that totally worked for her. I don’t know of another diva who could pull off such a bold look and look utterly adorable. Definitely one of my favorite looks of the night. Great job, Mickie. 9.5/10
Erin: This kind of reminds me of those waitresses in those old west saloons. It’d make for a wicked costume, but for this event it just seems a bit too much. The bright red, black lace, and statement jewelry are competing for attention, and just overwhelm Mickie. I’m not a fan of it, unless she’s set to croon an old-timey song while serving some moonshine. 4/10
Melanie: Again, this is a costume not an outfit. All the different patterns and stuff on the dress — it’s enough to give you a migraine. Mickie looks like a flapper in a 1920s burlesque club. 2/10
Steven: Looks like Mickie had a go at Rosa’s closet before the Hall of Fame ceremony. Not my cup of tea, to be honest. It looks more like a Halloween costume than a dress. 4/10

Cryssi: For some reason, she’s the hotter twin to me, and this dress proves why. Nikki has the sex kitten appeal that Brie lacks and she rocks this grown. I’m not crazy about the hair or earrings, but Nikki looks like she learned from last year’s big mistake as well and she looks great. 8/10
Erin: I like the color, much like Brie’s dress. I just don’t like the va-va-voom cut or the over-the-top updo. She’s obviously going for an old-Hollywood sex bomb look, but it’s not doing anything for me. It’s a bit overdone and looks more silly than sexy. 5/10
Melanie: That plunging neckline is a little too trashy for my tastes and although she’s going for a certain style, it just looks like her hair bun has fallen apart.3/10
Steven: Nikki totally shows her twin up this year. I could definitely see someone on the red carpet rocking this dress. 8/10

Cryssi: Almost perfection. Rosa has the looks to pull off wild looks and this dress is drop dead gorgeous on her. Rosa just exudes sex appeal to me and the simple silver bangle bracelet was a great addition. This dress speaks volumes and it didn’t need any help to stand out. The print, colors, and make of the gown are unorthodox and that’s why I love this dress so so much. 9.25/10
Erin: I can’t believe I have to reference my hate for blue-hued animal print twice in one post, but here it is again! I find it funny that Rosa and Tiffany have similar, trashy-cut dresses with similar Jersey Shore-esque poofs. I think they both went for the same ill-advised style inspiration. Save it for the MTV beach house, ladies. It ain’t 2001 anymore, and this doesn’t look good, sexy, or stylish. 3/10
Melanie: Gaudy, trashy and not at all appropriate for such an event. 2/10
Steven: What is with the animal print tonight?! Surprisingly, Rosa strikes out at the Hall Of Fame. Maybe if it was in a a different color it would look a lot better. 4/10

Cryssi: I think Tiffany and Rosa went shopping together. This dress is strangely right up my alley and Tiffany pulls it off really well. She didn’t look as hot as some of the other divas, but she looks nice, and far to gorgeous for the human sleeping pill, Drew McIntyre. 6.5/10
Erin: I’m not a fan of animal print on formal wear, so I think it’s safe to say that I don’t like teal zebra print on formal wear. This just looks like the stereotypical “sexy/trashy” look that people imagine female wrestlers wear when trying to be fancy. I don’t like it at all–in fact, I don’t think it’d be suitable for any time at all, aside from maybe a Whitesnake music video. It’s just too much. 2/10
Melanie: Same as Rosa.2/10
Steven: I find that the animal print and the electric blue color are a bit inappropriate for the festivities. Overall, not a good look. 3/10

Cryssi: No kind words come to mind about this outfit so… 3/10
Erin: Am I seeing this correctly? Is this a pantsuit-gown hybrid? What hath God wrought?? The red color and black accents are nice, but I’d prefer them to be on an actual dress. I guess I should just be glad “EXCUSE ME!” isn’t emblazoned on the front of it. 2/10
Melanie: I think the colour looks like and age appropriate on Vickie but the whole pants thing, I just can’t get over. 4/10
Steven: I actually love this dress. The wine red is really pretty and Vickie looks absolutely radiant. 8/10

Cryssi: Wendi is not someone who is pretty in the convential sense, and she wasn’t back in the day either. But she’s aged so, so well that I couldn’t help but admire her on Saturday night. Not only did she give one of the best speeches of the night, but her dress was amazing. It really worked for her and kudos to Wendi for even attempting to pull of such a look. I loved it. 7.25/10
Erin: I love emerald, but somehow this seems like a more Christmas-y dress than something suitable for March. I think it’s the rhinestones. Still, it’s a pretty dress (minus the epic gathering of fabric at the bottom) and one that’s suitable but still sexy for Wendi. 7/10
Melanie: Again, this looks age appropriate and extremely classy. Wendi just pops in this emerald green. 6/10
Steven: I’m not crazy about the color green, Wendi looks amazing in this emerald dress. The bottom is a little busy, but otherwise she looks great. 7/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed this week’s winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Alicia Fox: 10/40
Tiffany: 13.5/40
Vickie Guerrero: 17/40
Rosa Mendes: 18.25/40
Brie Bella: 19/40
Mickie James: 19.5/40
Layla: 20/40
Melina: 20/40
Gail Kim: 24/40
Katie Lea: 24/40
Nikki Bella: 24/40
Jillian: 25.5/40
Wendi Richter: 27.25
Michelle McCool: 28/40
Kelly Kelly: 32/40
Beth Phoenix: 37/40
Maryse: 37/40

LOSER: ALICIA FOX. Alicia Fox gambled and if this were a real bet, she’d have lost her life savings..

WINNER: BETH PHOENIX & MARYSE. The belles of the ball are the Glamazon and the Sexiest of the Sexy! What apt monikers.

Vote for your favourite look from this week below:

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

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