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Diva Dirt Style Jury: WWE Hall of Fame 2011

Divas beware, we judge what you wear! Welcome back to an old favorite here at Diva Dirt — the Style Jury! We’ve dusted off the Diva Dirt Style Jury for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame! Which Divas looked red carpet ready and which looked like they belong in the Style Jury Hall of Shame? We have compiled all of the looks and marked them on a scale of 1-10. At the end of the scoring, we work out the combined score for each look and the Diva with the highest combined score is our winner and the Diva with the lowest combined score is our loser.

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So, let the proverbial runway show begin!

Erin: The dress reminds me both of chain mail and an accent rug, which are neither good things when it comes to an evening gown. I appreciate that Alicia is taking a risk, but I think she went too far with it. It just overwhelms her, and looks a bit too bondage-y with all the straps. The headband doesn’t help much either. 3/10
Melanie: Alicia has always been ‘out there’ with her Hall of Fame choices, but I’m pleased to say I much prefer this to last year’s. Though I’m not feeling all of the straps, I think the design is cute — especially the hem of the dress. It’s certainly a bold choice and Alicia is treading a fine line between looking good and looking bad, but I think she pulls it off well. 5/10

Read on for more outfits and to see who’s been branded our winner and loser.

Erin:I feel like I’ve seen this “grecian” style dress for years now on various red carpets, so it’s a bit dated, but it definitely looks good on Beth, especially with how it compliments her sculpted physique. Its also fits the “Glamazon” persona, giving her a ethereal air, aided by her how sleek her hair is. I absolutely love the color of it. 8/10
Melanie: This dress is a lot safer and a lot less show-stopping than Beth’s gorgeous gown last year. Still, Beth carries a certain elegance in this dress and I think the color is very complementary. The deep teal looks wonderful on Beth and I like that the simplicity of the dress is matched in her hair style. Very simple but beautiful. 7.5/10

Erin: It’s decidedly casual, but I really like it. The tan color is gorgeous, and the pattern on the top adds interest. The low-cut neckline and arm holes compliment her athletic physique, resulting in a look that’s sexy but not trashy–it’s a look suited for a Hollywood award show. Paired with the relaxed updo, Brie has a look stands out amongst all the shiny, skin tight frocks and carefully curled hair her fellow Divas are sporting. 9/10
Melanie: Oh my god! When I first saw these pictures, I lost my breath a little. This dress may look boring because of the color but it looks divine on Brie. So understated, elegant — and a little bohemian! This is a red carpet dress for sure. I could just imagine someone like Cate Blanchett wearing a dress like this to the Oscars. It’s gorgeous and Brie looks gorgeous. I love the simple bun that Brie is sporting too. It looks effortless. My favorite look of the bunch. 10/10

Erin: At first glance (meaning candids from the event, far off from the stage), I liked this dress quite a bit. I think it’s my love of neutral colors that did it. Up close, though, it looks a bit ill-fitting, and the details could be a bit more understated. It looks too much like there’s stuff wriggling on her dress. The hair is too “glamourous” for a this modern dress–a more casual hairdo like Brie’s would have complimented it better. 4/10
Melanie: Love the dress, but I’m not sure if Eve is doing it justice here. The detailing of the dress is so intricate and beautiful. I think Eve’s hair is kind of distracting (I would opt for no frills, just keep it straight) and it detracts attention from the dress. I’m not sure on this look. I love the dress, but I’m not loving it on Eve, if that make sense. 5/10

Erin: Bubble gum pink gowns, in my opinion, rarely look good on grown women, aside from that one famous Ralph Lauren gown worn by Gwyneth Paltrow when she won her Oscar. Gail’s whole look just looks too much like a high school girl’s dream prom ensemble. The assymetrical hemline, wrapped bodice, matchy-matchy accessories and overdone updo has me wondering where her corsage is. 3/10
Melanie: In the close-up it’s cute but then when you look at the whole dress and all the drapery at the bottom, I’m not feeling it. It would’ve looked cuter if the bottom was just a normal hemline. it’s a shame. The top half looks cute on Gail and then it gets distracting. 4/10

Erin: I’m glad Kelly’s branching out a bit, going for a more mature look with a dark dress and understated ponytail. I’d love the dress so much more if the skirt was more sleek than “cha cha cha”. Maybe if it was just a loose black skirt that started at her hips, the whole look would be much more pulled together and would work better for her As is, it’s heavy, and weighs her down below the corset–it’s all slim up top (including the skinny ponytail) and poofy down below. 5/10
Melanie: Very grown up look from Kelly Kelly. It’s really dramatic — the corset, the gold and black colors and the dramatic make-up. I’m not loving the hair pulled back and all the really dramatic make-up. I feel if you’re gonna wear this dress, maybe have your hair down and wavy. It’s already a really ‘hard’ look, I think Kelly putting her blonde tresses on show a bit more could’ve made this look lighter and more feminine. 5/10

Erin: You know, it’s really simple and safe, but I like it. It’s a simple red strapless dress, but it hugs her curves in a subtle way. With how overdone the Diva set can be when it comes time to be fancy, I can appreciate a simple look. Nevermind that it looks sort of like a bridesmaid’s dress. 7/10
Melanie: Layla has been playing it safe for the past couple of years. Once the most fashionable girl in WWE, now I’m finding her Hall of Fame dresses uninspiring. There isn’t much to say about this dress but I do like that Layla has her hair down this year, because I didn’t think it looked good tied up last year. 4/10

Erin: Leave it to Maryse to go dramatic. A black, voluminous dress doesn’t sound like a bad idea on her, but it’s the details that have me reluctant to like it. Maybe if the dress was a little less poofy and her hair wasn’t so long, she’d look more elegant, but here she almost looks like someone’s idea of a Disney villanous, with her dark dress and long, long hair. She’s like a beautiful Ursula, which in fashion terms is interesting but not a home run. 6/10
Melanie: Maryse had my favorite look last year, and this year she’s done a good job but it’s going to be so hard to top last year’s outfit. Maryse looks effortlessly amazing in whatever she wears and I think this is no exception. What I don’t like about this dress, like Gail’s, is the bottom half. The top is great, but the train at the bottom is perhaps a tad too much. I think maybe a knee-length hemline would look cuter. Still, very glamorous from Maryse as always. 7/10

Erin: The red isn’t as nice as the one on Layla’s dress-a bit too loud for my taste. The details, with the laced-up midsection and pumped-up breasts look very Jessica Rabbit, but I can’t help but think it’s a bit too flashy for this event. It’s an interesting way to show off her curves, but one that probably could have benefited from being in a more understated color . 5/10
Melanie: A big step up from last year from Melina. The deep red is beautiful but I can’t help but feel I’ve seen this dress a million times on the red carpet. Melina’s Latina curves are definitely on show, so that is a plus. Perhaps instead of the gown-like bottom, the dress would look better with a tighter, shorter bottom. 5/10

Erin: She bit the bullet and donned a super-short hemline, which next to her fellow Divas made her look a bit out of place. By herself the shortness is not as dramatic, but I still don’t think it was a look well suited to the event. The low neckline, shiny fabric and hot pink color give me major Malibu Barbie vibes–something that’s not my idea of great fashion. 4/10
Melanie: I love Natalya to bits, but this doesn’t strike me as a red carpet/Hall of Fame dress. It’s more of a ‘night out’ dress. I’m sorry, Nattie! 3/10

Erin: Brie went simple and casual, so I suppose Nikki felt the need to compensate and went overboard with the glamour. The white shiny dress just doesn’t look good to me. I really dig the neckline detail, but I wish the dress were in a different color–the stark whiteness just draws the eye to all the wrinkly satin details and makes it look like it could use a nice once-over with an iron. 5/10
Melanie: In my opinion, both of the Bella Twins did a great job this year — Brie just a tad more so. Still, Nikki’s silver dress looks stunning on her and I like the one strap. Plus her hair looks on-point here. 8/10

Erin: The color scheme is nice, but it looks like the dress is too casual, with how it hangs. From the top, it has potential, but the loose skirt it almost looks like something a girl would wear to the beach over her bikini. Maxi dresses are in fashion, yes, but not for such an event. 4/10
Melanie: Much like Natalya, this isn’t a red carpet/Hall of Fame dress. This is maybe a prom dress, at best. No likey. 2/10

So, how did the girls score? Let’s put our scores through our highly scientific “Ensemble Classification Calculationomagraphier”® and see who we’ve deemed the winner and loser. The following is in ascending order by their calculated score:

Tamina: 6/20
Gail Kim: 7/20
Natalya: 7/20
Alicia Fox: 8/20
Eve Torres: 9/20
Kelly Kelly: 10/20
Melina: 10/20
Nikki Bella: 12/20
Layla: 11/20
Maryse: 13/20
Beth Phoenix: 15.5/20
Brie Bella: 19/20

LOSER: TAMINA. Tamina didn’t come dressed for the occasion…

WINNER: BRIE BELLA. The new Divas Champion’s stunning, simplistic and elegant gown wowed us…

Vote for your favourite look below:

Thoughts? Complaints? Conspiracy theories? As always, let us know in the comments!

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