Wednesday, December 6, 2023

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Diva Dirt Supports Wrestler’s Rescue

Earlier this year, a former WWE Diva and ECW alumna did an incredible thing. That incredible thing proved that our Divas can not only be beautiful and sexy but that they have minds and can use their minds to help shape our world for the better. Dawn Marie‘s Wrestler’s Rescue charity aims to help retired professional wrestlers who have spent years and years trying to entertain the fans. This charity gives us, the fans, the opportunity to give back to those wrestlers who’ve busted, battered and bruised their bodies for our entertainment – Divas included.

On Sunday, Dawn is holding the first ever Wrestler’s Rescue convention, dinner and now even a cocktail party. You can buy tickets with all the proceeds going to the foundation as well as meet the likes of Dawn, Torrie Wilson, Sunny, Ashley Massaro and male wrestlers such as the legendary Mick Foley.

Even if you can’t afford to buy a ticket, supporting this great cause through promotion helps every little bit too. That’s why we are displaying a new Wrestler’s Rescue banner on the site, so someone who can afford a ticket, just maybe might stumble across the link and be able to give to this honourable foundation. We ask our readers to please support this charity in any way you can too =)

Hopefully, we will be bringing you coverage from the event over the weekend and interviewing Dawn herself next week. But in all the fun, let’s not forget the aim here. Visit for more information.

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