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Diva Dirt TV: We Dig Crazy Chicks, Too! A Look at Wrestling’s Craziest Female Characters

There’s nothing quite like a crazy female in wrestling to stir things up.

Mickie James rose to fame in 2005 due to her overenthusiastic affection for Trish Stratus, while Victoria had the opposite problem — she was overenthusiastic about hurting Trish!

Then there’s the likes of innovators such as Luna and the eccentric Sensational Sherri who, while no longer with us, will not be forgotten for leaving their mark.

And for present day, there’s AJ. A young Diva who has grabbed everyone’s attention with her off-balance tendencies on WWE television in recent weeks.

Here at Diva Dirt, we too dig crazy chicks so much so that our latest Diva Dirt TV takes a look at some of our favorite females who have helped pave the way for young AJ to get down with her bad self.

Check it out below:

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