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Diva Dirt’s Women of the Year 2012: Alpha Female

Diva Dirt presents its annual selection of women who have been most newsworthy and talked about in 2012. The 12 women selected have embodied the zeitgeist of the year by hitting the headlines, breaking boundaries, stopping the show, and becoming trending topics. The Diva Dirt editors and contributors have picked one woman as the Diva Dirt Woman of the Year, as well as 11 runners-up who have helped define 2012. Join us as we count down our runners-up before unveiling the Woman of the Year on December 31st.

The European Attraction

alpha-femaleAt 6’1″, Alpha Female instantly catches the eye of anyone who sees her walk out to the ring, and in 2012, the German star finally began catching the attention of the world as Europe’s most prolific female wrestler.

After years of plugging away to build her name, her career, and her reputation, Alpha rose to the top of European wrestling in Pro-Wrestling: EVE, headlining the company’s first ever Internet pay per view in February in a show-stealing match against Jenny Sjodin. Though she didn’t win the EVE Championship in that match, she picked up the title two months later in a rematch in front of a crowd of over 1,000 people at BritWresFest, designed to be a British answer to WrestleMania. The win cemented Alpha as the top dog in EVE, and her star began to rise. Her eight month reign would come to an end in November when she lost the title to Nikki Storm, but despite the loss, the match — easily the best on the card — earned her the respect of the crowd and viewers watching at home. Sure, she may be an attraction and imposing to look at, but Alpha proved she doesn’t rely on her character alone, able to tangle with the best of ’em in the ring.

The towering wrestler saw her profile expand, with an appearance on British sports quiz show, ‘A League of Their Own’, exposing her to a brand new audience and opening doors in new arenas beyond wrestling. Alpha was even approached by London 2012 Olympics star, Jessica Ennis, at the taping for a picture.

2012 also saw Alpha make her debut in Japan for STARDOM, and the year ended with a bang, as it was announced she would try out for TNA during their January 2013 UK tour.

The world is beginning to take notice of Alpha Female, and it’s not just the wrestling world, either. With the potential of becoming a TNA star, and a crossover star in other mediums such as film and TV, we predict even more will know her name in 2013.

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