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Diva Tops First NXT Power Rankings

This past Sunday, NXT debuted its very own version of the WWE’s Power Rankings, listing the top five Superstars and Divas in the developmental territory.

On top of the inaugural list is none other than NXT Women’s Champion Paige.

On their official Facebook page, NXT explains the reason behind the pick:

We can’t even remember the last time NXT Women’s Champion Paige lost a match in NXT! The moment the NXT Women’s Championship tournament was announced the NXT Divas division was all about Paige. Her dominance of the division puts her at #1 in the NXT Power Rankings. Will the recent betrayal by Sasha Banks, or #1 contender cause Paige’s first loss in months? For now The Diva of Tomorrow remains NXT Women’s Champion & number 1 on the list.

NXT will update their list every Sunday and post it on their Facebook page.

Do you agree with NXT’s picks?

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