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Divas Matches ‘Scrapped’ from SummerSlam


According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, any plans for Divas matches at SummerSlam were scrapped last Friday in a creative meeting that saw most of the show retooled.

The Observer notes that the two likely matches, both rematches from Night of Champions were seemingly dropped. In the case of Raw’s Mickie James vs Maryse, due to the former Divas Champion’s injury. Coincidentally, the Women’s Championship match between Melina and Michelle McCool was also supposedly dropped — though not due to Michelle’s supposed injury, as it occured on the same evening and was probably unbeknownst to those in the meeting.

I can’t say I’m surprised, Divas matches have always been an afterthought at SummerSlam and I wasn’t holding my breath for a match on the show to be honest.

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