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Divas Respond to Article

It looks like the “Divas division needs saving” article has ruffled a few feathers in Camp Diva. A few of the girls have responded to the article via Twitter.

Former Divas Champ, Eve Torres writes:

@WWE I’d love to step into the ring whomever wrote this, & c who needs saving. #Iwillbootypopinyourfacethenmakeyoutap

Don’t ever let anyone undermine your hard work, label your character, or set limits to your potential. #BeliEVE!

Diva of Doom, Beth Phoenix added:

Its not the Divas Division that needs saving, but the WWE Universe. Myself and @NatbyNature are on a mission to make you change your minds..

As long as I can remember I have worked my butt off and been underappreciated while the crowd adores @RealKellyKelly and @EveMarieTorres…

I am tired of looking and being the best and being passed over time and time again. Im done asking for approval. And just getting started proving my point. #DivasofDoom

Thoughts: Two very different opinions here. One side arguing that the ‘model Divas’ work hard for their spots, the other side arguing that the ‘wrestler Divas’ get overlooked for the models. I’m guessing we’ll see even more Divas chime in as the day continues.

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