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Divas Tag Match Announced for Fastlane

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This Sunday at Fastlane, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks will take on Naomi and Tamina Snuka.

Erstwhile enemies Becky and Sasha have found common ground against Sasha’s former Team B.A.D. teammates Naomi and Tamina, whose attack on Sasha last week put a nail in the coffin for the trio.

Read‘s match preview below:

If Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch want to put their problems with Naomi & Tamina behind them, they will have to work together, however reluctantly, against the Divas of Team B.A.D. at WWE Fastlane.

“Trust issues” doesn’t even begin to describe the dynamic between Sasha and Becky. Both competitors have expressed their ultimate desire to win the Divas Championship from Charlotte, and as The Boss proved at WWE Royal Rumble — where she laid out Becky in addition to Charlotte — she will not hesitate to take down The Irish Lass Kicker if she gets in her way of winning the Divas Title.

Sasha’s championship ambition led to the decimation of her alliance with Naomi & Tamina. The Boss opted out of Team B.A.D., stating she would go it alone in her pursuit of the Divas Title. Though Naomi & Tamina initially said Sasha’s declaration of independence was fine by them, they showed their true colors moments later, during Sasha’s singles bout against Becky. Disagreeing over how to handle The Irish Lass Kicker, Naomi & Tamina soon betrayed Sasha, putting the boots to her until Becky rushed in for an unlikely save.

Though Becky remains laser-focused on winning the top title in the Divas division, Sasha is quick to note that her assistance on Raw has brought her into Naomi & Tamina’s crosshairs.

Will Becky & Sasha form a successful partnership against the rough-and-tumble and ever-dangerous Tamina & Naomi? Or will their animosity toward each other be their undoing?

Fastlane airs Feburuary 21st live on the WWE Network starting at 8pm ET.

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