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Divas to Whip Z-List Celebs into Shape

Melina, Mickie, Kelly, & Layla are set to appear on this Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp. For those unfamiliar with the show, it’s basically a fat camp for has-been or never-was celebrities. posted an article and a preview video for the show, which is going to air tomorrow at 11 am. and 8 pm. est. on VH1.

The Divas were asked who they felt were the hardest and least hardest working of the contestants, and Layla & Melina had a few interesting things to say about former ANTM contestant Toccara:

But there was one celebrity all of the Divas really clicked with: Toccara. The feisty model is a big fan of WWE Divas and has aspirations to be one of the Sexiest Women on Television.

“My favorite celebrity would probably be Toccara because she’s just got a great personality. She’s vivacious, larger than life and she wants to be a WWE Diva,” Layla said.

Melina said the sassy model insisted she could make it in WWE, so Melina told her to prove herself.

“When I saw that little attitude of hers, I was like… she could totally be a WWE Diva. Let’s get her in the ring. And then she’s got that badonkadonk that she’d totally smush people [with]. That would be her trademark,” Melina laughed.

Well at least, from what they say, Toccara’s stink face would be more powerful than Torrie’s. Sign her up! She’s certainly got the attitude of a Diva, regardez:

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