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Dixie Carter’s WWE-esque Mandate: Looking for ‘Models’

ss6-dixieMuch like WWE’s hiring process, sources reveal to me that TNA too, is now looking to hire more model-like women. The mandate was laid down by TNA President, Dixie Carter herself.

Carter is said to be only interested in hiring ‘beautiful women’, though thankfully for fans — ones that can actually wrestle.

One source tells me: “She [Dixie] wants beautiful women who can wrestle.”

As we’ve reported, TNA is close to clinching a deal with former Diva, Kristal Marshall and also spoken internally about Candice Michelle.

With Dixie wielding more power than ever after benching TNA founder Jeff Jarrett, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company and ultimately, it’s television output, was moulded more in Carter’s image. TNA is looking to hire more new Knockouts in the near future, it was reported earlier this week.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that per se but in a division that has always been celebrated for it’s unique appeal, it seems a step back and almost hypocritical. If we take a look at the roster, some of their most popular Knockouts aren’t exactly conventional beauties i.e. Awesome Kong, ODB and others.

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