Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Don’t Worry About Ashley (As If You Were)

Escort Ashley added a nice little post-script in her latest “Muspac” blog ensuring us that she will be back on television soon. Oh Ashley, you assume we actually want you back. In fact, we will pay you to stay away ($25,000 sound good?) Check out Ashley’s blog, in her best English, below:

My sSTUPID muspac isnt accepting comments on my main page or on my blogs anymore. WHAT HAPPENED! I used to be so computer savey…ahh well must be the old age creeping p on me. HELP ME PUNKSSSSSS I hope you can post here and it doesn;t not show.
Sad Ashley face…
PS lil bit o family stuff goin on but I will be back on WWE tv quicker than you can say “when is ashley coming back on WWE tv”
ove ya
peace out homeslices

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