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Doudrop and Eva Marie have high praise for each other

WWE Superstars Doudrop and Eva Marie may no longer be partners on television, but their time spent together certainly garnered much respect between the two.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Doudrop spoke about her admiration for her former mentor.

“That woman plays her part so well and takes everything in her stride with ease, and some of the things people say to her are horrendous.”

Matty Paddock of the newspaper took Twitter to promote the interview that received a reply from Eva Marie.

The former All Red Everything reciprocated Doudrop’s praise stating:

“This is just the beginning for this incredible human being! She is a very special one.”

Doudrop made her main roster debut as Eva Marie’s protege earlier this year. The leader of EVALution would use her protege to do her bidding while taking all of the glory.

Doudrop and Eva Marie in WWE

The partnership quickly fractured and the two became enemies with Doudrop coming out victorious.

Since losing to her protege, Eva Marie is absent from WWE television, while Doudrop recently reached the finals of the Queen’s Crown Tournament.

What do you make of the Doudrop and Eva Marie’s exchange of praise? Let us know in the comments below.

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