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Doudrop Reveals More On Health Scare That Has Kept Her Out Of The Ring

Fans have not seen Doudrop in the ring since Sept. 6 when she teamed up with Nikki A.S.H in a successful victory against Toxic Attraction in NXT. Since then, Nikki has become Nikki Cross again and has moved forward without Doudrop by her side. Doudrop recently commented on Twitter that she was very sick, but is healing. She goes into more detail when speaking with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture.

In regards to the upcoming Royal Rumble event –

“I’ll be around. In what capacity? I am not going to tell, but I’ll be around. I’ve had some time off to deal with a health scare that I had. Luckily, that’s all it was, it was just a scare. Everything was always great, sadly, I got COVID real bad. The symptoms that I was having, were concerned about my heart. God bless them, they took the best care of me, they got every test for my heart that they could muster, and every single one of them came back clean as a whistle. Much to some people’s annoyance, my heart is in excellent condition.”

There is no guarantee on when Doudrop will return to the ring, however, just a couple of weeks ago PWInsider reported she will be back around time for the Rumble. Furthermore, PWInsider is confirming that Doudrop is in San Antonio which is the location of the Rumble.

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