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Doudrop Reveals There Has Been Talk About A Ring Name Change

There is still hope for those who want Doudrop back as Piper Niven or even some other name that may better suit her.

Most fans were unhappy with the name change of Niven to Doudrop when she debuted on the main roster from NXT UK. Along with that, she wasn’t introduced as one of the most popular talents from NXT UK but rather someone brand new who was brought in with Eva Marie. With Eva Marie no longer with the company, many had hoped that Doudrop would once again become Piper Niven. But we haven’t seen that happen.

While speaking with Inside the Ropes, Doudrop reveals there has been talk, however, she is okay with it either way.

“I’ll give 100% full transparency about it, we did have a conversation about it. We did have a conversation about it. Because here’s the thing, before it was Vince’s vision and now it’s Triple H’s vision. So it’s like ‘What’s your vision and where do you see this going, are you open to ideas?’. For me, I don’t mind either way. I would just like to make more deliberate steps going forward with [my] character. I feel like for the past little while, things have [been weird]. When I was first [given] Doudrop, I obviously initially had no idea what to do. It took me such a long time to get comfortable with who Doudrop was, I was like I get this, I’m bubbly and I’m happy and I’m essentially Jojo Siwa. After a minute, I bought into it and I got comfortable with it and then [they turned me heel]. I was like ‘I don’t know how to do that.’ There’s so much trial and error that went on as I was going, so it took a minute to figure out who heel Doudrop is. Now that Triple H has come on board, I kinda just wanted to get more a feel of who she is supposed to be and what the options would be as far as different facets of that character or maybe a new character or maybe even an old character. So, we’ll see. As I said, it’s an exciting time.” (Fightful)

She adds that Triple H is receptive to the idea as he is looking for changes to be made.

“Yes. He was receptive to all ideas. I’m very much aware that there is probably like lots of other people that are looking for changes and such, but I’m willing to be patient and make sure that we’re being deliberate and making sure we know the direction [of the character] and where we want to go.”

Doudrop has been partnering with another woman who could use a name change and that is Nikki A.S.H. As a team, they will be facing Alexa Bliss & Asuka this coming Monday in the first round of a tournament to crown new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

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