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Doudrop says she will be looking for Bianca Belair after Survivor Series

Doudrop is keeping an eye on Bianca Belair for after Survivor Series.

Ever since being left off the RAW women’s Survivor Series team, Doudrop is trying to figure out why Bianca Belair was given the spot over her. Belair has had numerous chances since SummerSlam to not only regain the SmackDown Women’s Title but to become RAW Women’s Title.

After losses to both Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, Doudrop feels as though it is time for Belair to get to the back in line. She feels so strongly about this that she attacked Belair last week costing the EST a number one contender spot.

This week, Belair was being interviewed backstage about the prior attack. While speaking on the situation at hand, it was Tamina that stepped up to face Belair. Never backing down, Belair agreed and the two faced off one-on-one. Towards the end of the match, both Tamina and Belair had a series of counters to each other’s finisher moves.

Belair avoided a big kick and went for the Glam Slam but Tamina countered. Tamina went for the Samoan Drop but that was countered by Belair. Finally, the EST was able to impressively get Tamina on her shoulders to deliver the KOD to get the pin and the victory.

After the match, Doudrop made her way out to the stage and confronted Belair. She reflected on the fact that Belair just had a match so it wouldn’t be very fair to come down and take care of her right then. However, after Survivor Series, Doudrop says she will be looking for her.

What are your thoughts about the rivalry brewing between Doudrop and Bianca Belair? Join the discussion below.

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