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Liv Morgan says she has nothing to lose as she needs to become RAW Women’s Champion

Liv Morgan is ready. Ready to win the RAW Women’s Championship.

Morgan and the RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came face-to-face this week. Morgan became the number one contender for the gold last week by winning a Fatal Five-way.

Lynch headed out to the ring first to address Charlotte Flair. These two will be facing off in the traditional Championship vs. Championship match at this Sunday’s Survivor Series.

Lynch went on to talk about her friendship with Flair. She says that she came to learn that being friends with Flair came with conditions. The conditions for Flair to be the star and Lynch to be in the background. Further adding to what The Queen said about the RAW Women’s Champion last week, Lynch says that her Survivor Series opponent is a one-note rip-off of someone else. All of this while Lynch had to tear herself apart and recreate herself time and time again so she can be the biggest star in the industry.

Once finished addressing Flair, Lynch wasn’t even able to mention Liv Morgan’s name before Morgan made her way out to the ring. The new number one contender recounted how Lynch walked away from her last week which was disheartening coming from the one person she used to admire the most.

The two then discuss what Morgan said several months ago after Lynch returned. Morgan shared with everyone that Lynch told her that she would become champion in the timeframe while Lynch was gone. Lynch is back, and Morgan is still not champion. However, Morgan now intends to take the title from Lynch herself which of course Becky responds that is never going to happen.

The two then get physical as Lynch goes for the Manhandle Slam but Morgan counters and rolls her through sending the champ out of the ring. Yelling from the ramp, Lynch tells her challenger not to touch the title that was left in the ring. Morgan raises the gold above her head before laying it down on the ring apron for the champion to take it back.

After RAW, Morgan appeared on RAW Talk.

Morgan talks about what it means to her to have the opportunity to become RAW Women’s Champion. She says she has always wanted to be women’s champion and now after physically holding the belt for the first time it shows that she no longer wants to be RAW Women’s Champion, she needs to be.

She would continue to address her opponent Becky Lynch. Adding that Big Time Becks has everything she has always wanted. The fairytale life. Therefore, Becky has nothing to prove but Liv has nothing to lose.

Elsewhere on RAW, the Women’s Tag Team Champions – Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. each had a singles match. Nikki took on Queen Zelina while Ripley faced Carmella. Aside from Nikki, the other three women are part of the upcoming traditional elimination-style team for Survivor Series.

Zelina proved why she is the Queen and continued to pick a win after defeating Nikki. This was Zelina’s sixth singles victory since September. After Zelina defeated one-half of the tag champs, this left a lot of pressure on Ripley to defeat Carmella. She would go on to do just that after delivering a Riptide. Zelina would take to the mic post-match and congratulate Ripley for her victory but as for Nikki she said congratulations for her being the friend of the winner.

After calling Ripley’s victory a fluke, Zelina says that she and Carmella will lead their Survivor Series team to victory while Nikki is left at home with the losers.

Bianca Belair also took on Tamina while Doudrop sent a message to Belair for after Survivor Series. You can read about that by clicking here.

What did you think of this week’s RAW? Do you think that Liv will become the next RAW Women’s Champion? Share your thoughts below.

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