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Dream Card: Five matches for an all women’s WWE event

In October WWE hosted it’s first ever all-woman pay-per-view, Evolution. An event with only women’s matches is far from a new idea. Promotions such as SHINE, SHIMMER, and more recently RiSE have been putting on amazing matches for years. Nevertheless, this was a first for the worlds largest wrestling organization. At this time WWE has failed to announce an all women’s pay-per-view event as of yet for this year.

Evolution was arguably the best pay-per-view last year had to offer despite the lack of build up and questionable matches. Fans are itching at the thought of another all-woman event. If they place it in October again then there is still time to announce it. Some people would argue that the placement of the show last year was in regards to WWE’s return trip to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel. An event in a country that will not allow women to perform.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, WWE is returning to King Abdullah International Stadium on June 7 for Super ShowDown. They will also return to this country later this year in November. With the placement similar to last year when Evolution was thrown into the schedule it makes one think that it is still a possibility.

In order to make an emphatic statement for women who aren’t allowed at Saudi Arabia events, we at Diva Dirt have chosen to list five dream matches. This would be an example of what we’d like to see a second annual Evolution show to look like. Some of these women have crossed paths in the past and some have had very little interaction.

Let’s start the list with two women on RAW that could use a crazy feud.

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