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ECW, Superstars, & SmackDown Spoilers: April 28, April 30, & May 1

Our very own Steven is at the ECW/Superstars/SmackDown tapings, and he will be giving us live spoilers throughout the night. Highlight below to check them out:

Tiffany comes out during a Jack Swagger/Christian/Tommy Dreamer altercation and announces a ECW Title Match for tonight between Christian and Dreamer.

Natalya is shown backstage with Tyson Kidd. They’re up next.

Tyson Kidd def Finlay after Natalya distracts the ref, which allows Tyson to use the shillelagh.

Maria and Gail Kim vs Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox. I guess Alicia’s a heel now.

Gail and Alicia Start it off. Cool standing hurracanrana by Gail to Alicia. Maria tags in and has control of the match until Michelle gets a cheap shot in on Maria. Alicia in control. Quick tags by the heels. Gail get the hot tag and takes out McCool. Gail Kim goes to the top rope and gets nailed by Michelle’s Big Boot. Michelle picks up the win for her team.

Great match and decent length. Smackdown is definately the new Divas brand. Maria was surprisingly good and Alicia was the standout star for me.

Maria is shown backstage in Teddy’s Office. Chris Jericho asks her why she’s there and she says Teddy wants to see her clothing line. Yeah… sure. Then Edge comes in and proceeds to talk at her. Pointless

Cryme Tyme is in the ring. They want to have a Brooklyn Breakdown Dance Off. Out comes Layla and Eve. They have a Dance off battle style. Lots of Choreography from Eve and lots of crumping from Layla and lots of splits from both. Good stuff. Seriously. =P. The Crowd declares Eve the winner. Cryme Tyme dances with Eve and they invite Layla to join. She does only to attack Eve. Insert catfight. New Feud maybe?

No Divas match tonight unfortunately. Sadness.

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