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ECW Watch: January 6, 2009

2009 is getting off to a good start for us Diva fans, as ECW has finally gotten in on the action! In her first ever WWE match, Alicia Fox took on Katie Lea in her first ever ECW match. Watch below:


For such a short match, this was actually very good. As I wrote in my ‘Big FCW Post‘ last year, I’m very impressed by Alicia’s in-ring skills and she brought that to ECW last night. Alicia looks incredibly comfortable in the ring for a newcomer; she’s good at taking bumps, she’s good at offense and doesn’t necessarily need to be carried through a match like some of the other developing wrestlers on the Divas roster. Hopefully we’ll see more of her in future, because I think she has a lot to offer.

Meanwhile, I think this is Katie’s best outing yet since her debut. Her matches thus far have been lackluster and somewhat boring, her matches with Mickie James last year were just not up to snuff, but here she came across aggressive and had a fierce nature about her. There’s definitely something salvagable in Katie, because on Raw she was coming dangerously close to becoming Jillian 2.0. Moving her to ECW, it turns out, was a good move.

A nice effort from both Divas, this match wouldn’t look out of place on Raw or SmackDown. No one can expect these two to get more time given ECW’s running time, but they used their time well.

Nice change for WWE, as we’ll have had four Divas matches this week!

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