Friday, April 12, 2024

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Out of the Blue and Into the Black

I haven’t covered photoshoots in a while, so what better way to return to these posts than to feature a Diva we haven’t seen in while? Melina hasn’t had a new photoshoot in ages, though I’m not sure she would have felt too sexy posing in an ankle brace while out on injury. In this photoshoot, “Royal Blue, she’s wearing her Slammy Awards dress. I wasn’t fond of the dress when I first saw it on that Raw, and it’s not growing on me much here. She wears it well and the sash is cute (I like that she incorporates it into her poses), but overall the look is a little funky. Maybe it’s because it’s in royal blue and gold – my former high school’s colors. It makes me think someone went overboard during Spirit week or something.. Regardless, it’s nice to see Melina back into the photoshoot rotation. Hey, there’s a reason she won best photoshoot of the year..

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