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ECW Watch: March 3rd, 2009

Boy, is it good to see Natalya in a match again or what? Apparently still part of SmackDown, Natalya took on ECW’s Alicia Fox last night. Check it out below along with my thoughts.


I enjoyed this match, while Alicia hasn’t exactly been in the spotlight too long, she is extremely likeable. I’m not sure what it is, I guess some people have that ‘it factor’ and Alicia most definitely has it. She looked really comfortable in the ring and matched the more experienced Natalya very well. As for Natalya, I savour every moment she’s in the ring because she’s truly a delight to watch.

That said, I don’t think this match was great. It started off strong then got a little slow, but it did pick up for the finish. Good ring-work from both Divas.

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