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ECWA Super 8 ChickFight Tournament Profiles Part 2

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Last week, ECWA did a profile of four participants for this year’s ECWA Women’s Super 8 ChickFight Tournament. Now they did a profile of the remaining four women for this year’s tournament. Here’s a look at the last four participants courtesy of the ECWA:

Rachael Ellering:

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“The daughter of legendary manager and WWE HOF’er Paul Ellering, Rachael has already made a HUGE name for herself despite her being in the business for about a year or so. Training in the Storm Wrestling Academy under former WWE star Lance Storm she’s already moving around the ring like a seasoned veteran and has a nice array of power and technical moves to disable her opponents. Easily the strongest woman in the tournament having won a bronze medal in power lifting prior to her wrestling days, she’s made noise in Shine wrestling and has made two appearances already on WWE’s NXT brand. Needless to say, if Ellering wins this tournament she will automatically become the hottest free agent in women’s wrestling. I guess it’s just in her blood to rule the wrestling world!”

Karen Q:

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“The temperamental and possibly mentally unstable Karen Q enters into the Super 8 as the most unpredictable of all eight participants. Training out of two different wrestling academies… World of Unpredictable Wrestling under Johnny Rodz and Team Adams Academy under Damian Adams… she’s got a mean streak a mile wide and the technical prowess to back up her bark. She’s already had her problems with ECWA Women’s Champ Deonna Purrazzo so her entry should be interesting. However, with her athletic background in gymnastics she’s possibly the best pure athlete in the tournament capable of taking immense punishment and dishing out even more. She’ll rely on her ring intelligence and power wrestling to quickly down her opponents… then again what can the other women do against an opponent who is literally crazed to win at all costs?”

Tasha Steelz:

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“Tasha comes in hungry to win the Super 8 Tournament and realize her dream of becoming the ‘female Triple H’. Starting her training with IWF before switching over to the Team Adams Academy, she’s slowly turned into a powerhouse wrestler capable of absolutely destroying her opponents limb from limb. The Team Adams Academy seems to produce women with mean streaks and Tasha is no different. She as well attacked Deonna Purrazzo recently and is making a statement she will soon be making noise all around the independent wrestling scene. It’s hard to deny a woman with the strength and conditioning that Steelz has on her side. We very well could see the “Queen HBIC” walk out the champion and see her biggest dreams realized.”

Aja Perera:

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“Aja ‘Super’ Perera just might be the only superhero to ever compete in a Super 8 Tournament! Her speed, charisma, and attitude are reminiscent of a younger Gregory Helms. It’s no shocker her training at WWA4, under one of the best high flyers in wrestling AR Fox, has helped elevate her to the next level to reach new heights… and we mean that literally! The perky Perera is out to prove she can match any woman blow for blow in this tournament and save the company from evil at the same time! When push comes to shove, expect Aja to fly around the ring with high impact maneuvers trying to confuse her opponents and lay them down for good. It’s easy to see how the faster Aja can surprise the other woman in the tournament, many of which have built their strategies on power and technical skills. Can she save the Super 8 Tournament?”

That’s a brief look at the final 4 competitors in the ECWA Women’s Super 8 ChickFight Tournament. This Saturday in Woodbury, NJ, the Super 8 ChickFight Tournament will be exciting and unpredictable to say the least.

Who are you rooting for to win this year’s ChickFight Tournament? 

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