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Elimination Chamber event highlights the lack of focus for the women’s division

Bayley took to Twitter to call out some interesting opponents for a match at WWE’s upcoming event, Elimination Chamber. The former SmackDown Women’s Champion demanded she faces the Riott Squad, Billie Kay and even Michael Cole at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Bayley is currently feuding with the Riott Squad and Billie Kay on SmackDown. She has defeated both Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan in recent weeks while Kay attempts to get her resume read. The “Role Model” has a long-running rivalry with Michael Cole and Bayley has asked him for a match several times.

While the tweet is in jest it highlights the lack of focus on the women’s division heading into the event. As it stands there is only one women’s match taking place at Elimination Chamber. Asuka is set to defend the RAW Women’s Championship against Lacey Evans.

It looks as if there won’t be a women’s Elimination Chamber match this time around. Two men’s chamber matches are advertised for the show. Drew McIntyre defends his title, and Roman Reigns will face the winner of the other elimination match.

The RAW Women’s Championship needs an Elimination Chamber match to give it focus and Asuka a new credible challenger.

As WWE travels down the road to WrestleMania the RAW women’s title has never felt so undervalued. The champion and title have suffered due to months of poor booking and neglect.

Asuka’s title defence against Evans at Elimination Chamber is her first since her disappointing mini-feud with Alexa Bliss in January. Asuka and Bliss had some great chemistry and could have executed an entertaining and worthwhile programme. However, the matches only existed to further The Feind, Bliss, and Randy Orton storyline.

In the months leading up to the Alexa Bliss matches, Asuka got tied up in tag team action. First, she teamed with Lana, then Charlotte and became tag team champions for the second time with the “Queen”. Since then, the champion and her title played second-fiddle to the tag team titles and Charlotte and Lacey Evans’s feud. Unfortunately, Asuka continues to do so with her title defence and Evans.

While the booking of Asuka and the RAW title is lacklustre at the least the red brand has a match on the card. SmackDown, despite being the better-booked show, has no match at all.

Bianca Belair is still to pick her WrestleMania opponent and although her vs Banks seems the way WWE it is going, there are still another two events before the “Showcase of the Immortals”.

The SmackDown women’s division could have benefited from an Elimination Chamber match to pick a challenger for Sasha Banks at Fastlane.

The Women’s Tag Team Championships could have had a number one contender’s Elimination match or even just had the champs defend the titles in this type of match. As a match of this kind would have elevated the titles and the winners. For example, Lana and Naomi could have won in the chamber, which would have made them look like strong challengers.

With one week to go before Elimination Chamber, WWE has the chance to add some focus and emphasis to the women’s division on both brands. Hopefully, another women’s match will be added to the event to provide more interest and excitement. Fingers crossed.

What do you make of the lack of a women’s Elimination Chamber match? And the plight of the RAW Women’s Championship? Let us know in the comments below.

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