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Triple H on the depth of the NXT women’s division validating a second title for the brand

The NXT women’s division is arguably the best women’s division in wrestling at the moment. Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this but one thing that can’t be argued is that the brand at least has the quantity of talent.

While speaking on a media call in preparation for this weekend’s TakeOver event, Triple H comments on the depth of the NXT women’s roster.

“Almost half of this card in its entirety is made up of women. Look at the depth behind them, the division’s incredible and only getting stronger. The current class coming into the Performance Center, this rookie class coming in very soon is the largest female class we had in history so that speaks of the commitment and where we’re going with female performers and seeing them as exactly that, as performers as nothing else and really trying to strengthen that even further.”

Credit: WWE

He further discusses the potential option to add another championship to the mix. Triple H comments that he isn’t a fan when it comes to a promotion being oversaturated with championships, however, when it comes to this division on this brand another title would be warranted.

“I think those conversations happen. I think you are always looking to make it everything that it can be [but] you also want to make sure that you don’t water things down. I’m not a big believer in having 38 titles in organizations that are just like everybody’s constantly just making their way to a different title at any given time and I don’t believe that it’s always about those championships, there is different storytelling, but that’s definitely a thought that’s in mind and we’ll see where it goes.”

He continues, “I think, especially as the women’s division has increased in size, people were talking about that a few years ago, but I don’t believe that the depth and the size of it were there and it’s getting to that point now. So, those are conversations that are had a lot.”

Credit: WWE

Triple H doesn’t go into detail about what type of title they would want to introduce if it gets to that point. It may be a secondary title equal to perhaps the NXT Cruiserweight Title or perhaps bringing the Women’s Tag Team Titles to the brand could work. As it is, the tag titles have always been allowed to be defended on each brand and they rarely have come to the women of NXT.

Now would be the perfect opportunity to make this transition and allow the tag titles to float around in NXT. This weekend we will see the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic take place. The winners will get a future tag team title shot.

What are your thoughts on having another title in the women’s division of NXT? Do you think it would help elevate the brand and put more definition for the women? Leave what you think below!

Credit for transcriptions goes to Fightful.

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