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Elimination Chamber Predictions: Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

Tonight at Elimination Chamber, Kaitlyn will defend the Divas Title against Tamina. Will the self-proclaimed “not your average Diva” become the Diva tonight? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Bobby: This is by far the greatest and most built up feud we’ve seen since Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus, which makes predicting it so hard because of all the effort put in by the WWE to make this feel like such a huge showcase. Okay, obviously I’m joking. This feud has either been built up okay or horrible depending on how you view it. They actually did get a segment to give reasons why the match is happening… but it was on a mobile phone app so it’s kind of like the question “If a tree falls and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Anyways, I think Tamina is the best choice to go with for Kaitlyn’s first defense from the options available because AJ is with Dolph and of the three remaining contenders (Tamina, Aksana, Rosa), she’s the strongest in ring for me. I don’t see the current champ losing though because her reign just got started, so I’ll go with Kaitlyn to win. It worries me where we go from here unless they call someone up, turn someone, or have a face vs face feud… but please do something! I’m not about to watch Kaitlyn’s next feud be with Maria Menounos.

Cryssi: Well, I think it would be awful to put the title on Tamina. I think this match is probably going to be a mess. Thus far, Kaitlyn’s title reign has been very dull. And I find myself wondering why I’m even looking forward to this match. The last time I saw them in the ring together, it was that terrible Las Vegas Showgirl match and they had zero chemistry there. I’m hoping with no crappy stipulation or other Divas around, this match might work out a little better. My positivity is very little, but it’s there. We’ll see, I guess? Either way, Kaitlyn wins this tonight and moves on to better things.

Erin: There seems to be some effort being put towards building up Tamina, and while normally I would see a title win in the near future for someone who’s getting a character refurbishment, this feels different. Maybe this focus on Tamina being “not average” is them just trying to rebuild the division with a strong heel. Unfortunately for her, I can see her fulfilling that “Molly Holly/Jillian Hall/late-Victoria” role as a jobber heel when the division gets filled out a bit more. With that in mind, I’m going with Kaitlyn to win tonight.

Jack: Kaitlyn is only just getting started in her Championship reign and there are really no other faces except Layla who could challenge Tamina, and with Tamina beating Layla twice over the last few months, there’s no way she is winning tonight. That reason plus the fact that everyone is desperate for Kaitlyn vs AJ at Mania and we are all hopeful that WWE will finally give us a singles match at Mania. Added Trish Stratus as ref would be amazing as well! Anyway, Kaitlyn retains.

Katelyn: Kaitlyn. I don’t see her dropping the title so soon after her title win.

Melanie: Is this Kaitlyn’s first title defense? Either way, it’s far too soon for her to lose the championship and as much as I think Tamina is looking better than ever – style and hair-wise, as well as ring-wise – I fully expect Kaitlyn to retain tonight. That said, given that her reign has gotten off to a lacklustre start and the Divas haven’t been seen on Raw in weeks, I can’t say I’m loving the direction of the division right now. Let’s hope these two are given the time to show that the division can live on following the triple whammy of big departures last year.

Steven: Awwwwww! Our little Kaitlyn has her very first big title defense tonight! They grow up so fast, don’t they? Seriously though, I’d be shocked if Kaitlyn dropped the title to Tamina tonight at Elimination Chamber. That being said, I don’t think that it will be an easy match for her. I expect Kaitlyn to beat Tamina just barely, continue feuding with her for the next couple of PPVs, before dropping it to Tamina. WWE seems to be high on Tamina and I see her as champion soon, but for tonight I’m picking Kaitlyn to win.

It looks like it’s unanimous! Do you agree with our predictions, or are we dead wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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