Friday, May 24, 2024

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Elimination Chamber Results: Kaitlyn Dodges, Rams Her Way to Victory

Tonight at Elimination Chamber, Divas Champion Kaitlyn went head-to-head with Tamina Snuka with the title on the line. As expected, Tamina’s “superflyin” style affected the match in a big way — just not in the manner she would have liked.

The culmination of the match saw Tamina perform a high risk Superfly Splash that was dodged by Kaitlyn at the last moment. This left Tamina vulnerable, and Kaitlyn took advantage of this by immediately hitting her with a spear. That double whammy was enough to lay out Tamina for the pin, and Kaitlyn scored the victory.

This match marked Kaitlyn’s first big Divas Title defense, and her win sets her on the road to WrestleMania with the belt still firmly around her waist.

Out of five, how many stars would you give the match?

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