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Eliza Alexander Gains Momentum Amidst Women’s Division Chaos

Last week ended with a brawl featuring Isla Dawn, Blair Davenport, Amale, and Eliza Alexander, four women with their own claims to be the next challenger for Meiko Satomura.


The first sighting of the women this week shows the immediate aftermath of their brawl backstage as Sid Scala attempts to regain order and forces the women to be separated in different parts of the building. It’s clear that the Assistant GM is at a loss with the championship chaos currently inflicting his brand but a decision will need to be made soon about who will be Meiko’s next challenger.

Before we get to the in-ring action this week, the Nina Samuels show attempts to host Amale who is in no mood for Samuels. Still feeling the effects of last week’s brawl, Amale boldly claims she doesn’t care who she has to go through, the NXT UK Women’s Championship will be hers.

On to the match, Alexander may be mentally preparing to be champion, she still needs to contend with the Chase U Student: Thea Hail. Last week the two had a confrontation backstage and so tonight’s match was booked.

Perhaps being the only person immune to Hail’s infectious energy, Alexander attempts to strong-arm the young competitor but is thrown off by a headscissors move early on. Hail follows up with a wheelbarrow armdrag and dropkick as her Chase U cohorts get the crowd behind her.


Alexander is clearly stunned by this offence but when Hail goes to the well one too many times and attempts another wheelbarrow armdrag, Alexander uses her strength to suspend Hail in the air before dropping her across the ropes.

With a vicious clothesline and some clubs, Alexander tosses Hail towards Andre Chase and Bodhi Hayward by the hair, taking the time to mock the trio.

As the fans begin a Chase U chant, Alexander toys with Hail before hitting a snap suplex and locking in a submission hold.


With her own display of surprising strength, Hail manages to get to her feet with Alexander on her back and drops her. Urged on by the NXT UK crowd, Hail whips Alexander into the corner and off the rebound hits some clotheslines and a stunning enzuiguri before falling up with a perfect spinning neckbreaker.

After only getting a two count, Hail goes for a standing moonsault that landed perfectly… on Alexander’s raised knees. The wind knocked out of her, Hail is easy pickings for Alexander who hits a brutal running knee and secures the win.


Authors Take –

Eliza Alexander has been a welcome addition to the NXT UK roster in my opinion. As much of a fan, I was of her pairing with Xia Brookside, I am pleased to see her stepping out on her own and entering the title picture. Meiko vs Alexander is a match I really want to see.

I feel like the four women involved in the contendership argument right now all managed to look strong these past two weeks which makes the field seem wide open on who will step up next.

Blair is seen as the catalyst behind the chaos and commentary put this fact over several times during Eliza vs Hail.

Dawn arguably had the No.1 Contender’ match won last week before Eliza interfered.

Despite her loss to Davenport, Amale has the support of the NXT UK crowd and fiery attitude behind her.

And of course, Alexander picks up a victory tonight.

I have to wonder where Emilia McKenzie is in all of this. It stands to reason that Meiko will miss a week or so to sell whatever Davenport had done to her and Sarray but McKenzie not being used to even comment on Satomura’s status or even confront Davenport this week seems like a missed opportunity to me.

Also, although she is an NXT 2.0 star I want to mention how quickly I’ve become a fan of Thea Hail, I liked her look before but this Chase U gear is definitely a win and her in-ring skills already surpass some more experienced competitors. With the right support behind her, Hail could become a major player in the years to come.

What did you think of Hail vs Alexander and who, out of the four women, would you choose to face Meiko next? Let me know in the comments!

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