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Eliza Alexander Makes NXT UK Debut; Isla Dawn Holds The Title Hostage



Last week we saw a shift in the NXT UK Women’s Division when Isla Dawn challenged Meiko Satomura for the championship. Meiko went on to retain the title but it was Isla Dawn who took the title home in a shocking twist.

NXT UK’s Wicked Witch admits that the bond between title and champion is too strong for her to break and so she proposes a deal of sorts. Isla has something Meiko wants and Meiko has something Isla needs. The dark promo ends with Isla delivering a proposition to the champion: she must do whatever Isla says.

A rematch is most certainly on the cards but how many games will Isla Dawn play before this happens?

Another consequence from last week was felt as Amale agreed to give Xia Brookside her requested rematch. The French Hope has been on an impressive series of wins, commentary even suggested she might be looking to face Meiko once again.

Brookside was caught by cameras last week talking to her father telling him it was time for their plan. It appears that Brookside may have just found some new hope against The French Hope!

The spoiled brat of NXT UK comes out, disturbed by the chants of the crowd as she attempts to crush Amale. As the battle falls to the outside, Xia is rolled back in the ring while Amale turns to hype the crowd and is suddenly struck by a blonde woman on the other side of the barricade. With the ref distracted by Xia, Amale is left to the mercy of the attack and is defenceless to Xia as she capitalises with Broken Wings and defeats her foe.

Commentary are unclear who this woman is as she joins Xia Brookside in the ring but a Digital Exclusive does confirm that this is Eliza Alexander, formerly known as Lizzy Evo, who has been brought in by Xia’s father to help his daughter. Eliza quickly shuts down the questioning from the interviewer and leaves with Xia.

What do you make of this new pairing in NXT UK? What do you think Isla might have in store for Meiko next? Let us know in the comments!