Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Eliza Alexander to make in-ring debut; Meiko calls out Isla Dawn

Last week, we witnessed the debut of Eliza Alexander who, by assaulting the French Hope Amale, aligned herself with Xia Brookside. Eliza makes it clear on this week’s episode of NXT UK that she is just as much in it for herself as she is Xia, warning that whoever her opponent is next week is getting ‘battered’.

Also on this week’s episode, we heard from NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura for the first time since Isla Dawn stole the title.

Meiko calls out Isla Dawn and insists that the Wicked Witch meets her next week in the NXT UK ring for a confrontation.

It’s great to see new talent being established on the NXT UK roster and I am looking forward to Eliza Alexander’s debut next week. I am also curious to see the in-ring confrontation between Meiko Satomura and Isla Dawn, it’s a shame we waited two weeks to hear from the champ since the title was stolen so I hope there are some high stakes after next week.

To round out, I want to feature The Nina Samuels Show as she interviewed Roderick Strong ahead of his NXT UK Title match. I personally think Nina is killing her current role, I do wish we got to see her wrestle more but as she is currently the most regularly featured female (at least week to week) I can’t complain!

Who do you think will be Eliza Alexander’s first opponent? Will Isla Dawn respond to Meiko Satomura?

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