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Ember Moon shares her criticism of two women holding all the main roster gold

This past Monday on RAW, Sasha Banks was the winner of her match against Asuka which solidified her as the RAW Women’s Champion. Following the controversial ending of Extreme Rules, Banks would still grasp onto the title she has been holding since then – but now she is actually champion. This result backfired on Stephanie McMahon‘s stipulation that the title can be won via count-out. Asuka ran to the aide of her best friend Kairi Sane as she was being beaten up backstage by Bayley.

Speaking of Bayley, she is also a double champion by holding the SmackDown Women’s Title and the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Banks. Wrestling always has a controversial decision in it, and this was one of them. Two women now hold all three titles that are on the main roster.

Credit: WWE

Besides the NXT and NXT UK Women’s Titles, the duo is on top of the world and is the primary focus of the women’s division. A division that even during this time of uncertainty with the current health crisis has many women that could be utilized.

A former NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon had a lot to say about this topic on her Twitch. She discussed what she thought of two women holding all the gold and also about how they exited Sane from the company the way they did. Moon isn’t able to compete at this time as she is out due to an Achille’s injury that has her return time unknown.

Fightful transcribed the following from Moon:

“Why do we need two double champions? Is SummerSlam going to be like low-key Evolution with Sasha and Bayley wrestling for their singles titles and also for the tag titles? Is that a thing? Are we just reliving Triple H [& Steve Austin, Two Man Power Trip] from 2001? Sasha & Bayley have done a great job with a limited roster, but there are too many people sitting at home to tie up all the titles with two people. I was kinda upset — the match was superb — I don’t like the fact that knowing, it was Kairi’s last [appearance], I don’t know if that’s the way you go. I feel you make it more of a threat than just Kairi getting beat up backstage.

I think you have Bayley beat-up Kairi and then have her with a forklift about to drop some cinder blocks. [Asuka] had [Sasha] in the Asuka Lock, all she had to do was sit back. It makes more sense if Kairi is in more of a life or death situation versus her getting thrown into stuff and stomped. I get we’re supposed to be angry, and kudos to them for making us angry. No one wanted Asuka to lose, everyone wanted NXT Asuka back and having an undefeated streak.

That’s what WWE does. I fell for the ploy of ‘I’m angry because I saw my friend Asuka lose the title in a crappy way.’ Are we gonna have Sasha just lose the title to Lacey Evans or transfer Naomi over? They’re building to SummerSlam, right? As a fan, I feel like I got ripped because once again, I don’t get Bayley vs. Sasha.”

Credit: WWE

She continued, “I feel like I lost the match I wanted to see two SummerSlams in a row. Maybe they’re waiting for a bigger live audience. Maybe it’s because Charlotte is gone and Becky [Lynch] is on maternity leave. They’re killing me because I really want to see that match. Not only that, but you’re sacrificing all of your other superstars for two people. That’s what it feels like to me. Maybe I misjudge what’s happening.

I like to be angry about wrestling. I’m just trying to figure out the next step. A part of me is like, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen, ‘which is great, but apart of me is like, ‘I don’t know if that was the right call.’ For me to be so upset that I had to turn off Raw because back-to-back-to-back…that first hour and a half to me was infuriating from a professional and fan standpoint.”

It is interesting to note that Moon says she wanted to see Banks vs. Bayley two SummerSlam’s in a row when she faced Bayley last year. Regardless, her point is valid nonetheless. The Banks vs. Bayley feud that many people have wanted to see for the past couple of years seems unlikely anytime soon.

She was noted to saying she wishes that women such as Naomi or Bianca Belair would become champion. Further stating that a new tag team could develop to become tag champs. Naomi has mentioned on numerous occasions she would love to team with Belair to become the first all African American tag team champions.

What do you think of what Ember is saying? Do you agree with two double champions holding all the gold? What about the way Kairi was involved as her last appearance with WWE? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

All credit for transcriptions go to Fightful.

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