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Eve Comments on Divas Title Win

New WWE Divas Champion, Eve Torres posted the following on her WWE Universe page just hours after winning the belt:

I am still on a high! This feeling is indescribable. Who would have thought, 3 years ago when I was just interviewing for the WWE Diva Search, that I would hold the WWE Divas Championship in my hands tonight. In some eyes, I may still be considered a rookie to the Divas division, but I have had my eye on the title since I was interviewing champions backstage. Tonight, I realized how far believing in yourself, working hard, training hard, and most importantly, acting with respect and integrity can take you in life. I would not be able to call myself Divas Champion if I hadn’t taken the opportunity to learn from the best. When you respect your teammates, coworkers, teachers, or superiors, which in my case, happens to be other WWE Superstars, and even my opponents, they will respect you… and want to help you succeed. No one gets anywhere in life on their own, and without the guidance of those with more experience than you. But beyond the help and advice of others, I also respected and believed in myself. I knew in my heart that if I worked and trained hard enough, and continued to believe in my own potential, that this opportunity would eventually present itself. And here I stand, Divas Champion!!

And truthfully, I feel that now is only the beginning! The hard work and discipline gets turned up ten notches, because now that I have won the title, I have to keep it! I have to defend it, and bring honor and pride to the WWE Divas Championship every time I do. So the training continues, and the matches and opponents will continue to get harder, but I am definitely up for the challenge. I have a feeling that Maryse may be a little upset ;-) so I am sure the heat will be turned up with every encounter.

It’s been a whirlwind 24 hours for Eve and the Divas division. I’m definitely intrigued to see where Raw goes next with Eve firmly in her place as the new top babyface of that brand. Roll on next week to find out!

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