Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Eve Torres Comments on Possible Divas Season of NXT

Speaking to SLAM Wrestling, former Divas Champion Eve Torres passed along some interesting comments on NXT. She says:

“When they told all of us about the idea of NXT, for the Divas that was our first question — will there be women on the show?” she says. “[There’s] a lot of value that could add because we’re always pushing for more with the Divas and bring the Divas to the next level. People don’t really get to know as much as the other superstars because of the amount of time you see us on TV. So having something show what it means to be a Diva… I think that’s what NXT is about — what it means to be a superstar — and I think a female version would be awesome because it could help communicate that to the world.”

With Lay-Cool as mentors on this season of NXT, I should hope that perhaps next season we may get that boundary pushed a little more with a female rookie or three.

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