Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Eve Torres Teases Action Movie Role, Talks Discrimination in “Man’s World”

WWE Diva Eve Torres has been making the media rounds this week after winning NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes show on Monday night.

Eve revealed to HispanicBusiness.com that she has a role in an upcoming “blockbuster action flick”. No details on what that movie might be, but it certainly sounds exciting.

Given that WWE talents are generally not allowed to pursue projects outside the company’s auspices, could the film be a WWE Studios production? If so, that would make Eve the first WWE Diva to star in a live action WWE Studios movie. AJ is set to be the first Diva in a WWE Studios film — the upcoming animated Scooby Doo flick.

Another interesting topic in the interview is the subject of discrimination based on her gender and/or ethnicity.

Eve says:

I have been in a “man’s” world as long as I can remember. I was an engineering major in college, I am a sports entertainer in the WWE, and I teach self-defense. I can’t tell you the number of times I have been underestimated, objectified or deprived of fair credit for my accomplishments based on my gender or ethnicity. We can either be discouraged by these societal limitations, or we can overcome them and strengthen our will to succeed.

Great answer by Eve, who is arguably WWE’s most intelligent Diva and certainly represents the company in a positive way in these media interviews.

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