Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Ex-Pornstar Trina Michaels Hints TNA Appearance


Former pornstar-turned-wrestler, Trina Michaels has hinted on her MySpace page that she could be joining TNA. Michaels retired from porn last year and sent out a press release in which she said, she was “giving up gangbangs to enter battle royals.”

She writes: “You can’t spell Trina without using the letters TNA… Find out THIS THURSDAY June 18 by watching IMPACT..Spike TV..9pm”

With TNA it seems every good move they make [signing Victoria], they take a little step back too. I don’t know if Michaels is under contract or being offered one, but I’m not checking for another Knockout, least of all this chick. You’ve got Sarah Stock and Ayako Hamada signed and not being used.

TNA makes my braincells die a little more and more with each ‘celebrity’ signing, yes Jenna Morasca, looking at you.

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