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Diva B-Sides: Alicia Fox

Welcome to Diva B-Sides, the Diva Dirt exclusive where we match WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts with new entrance themes. This week I’m introducing a slightly different format for Diva B-Sides. From now on I will only cover ONE Diva/Knockout per post, but I’ll provide at least two songs per Diva/Knockout. Now that we’ve got the formalities out of the way, let’s get right into things. This week Diva B-Side is for SmackDown Diva Alicia Fox.


Alicia really hit the jackpot when she got sent to the blue brand in this year’s draft. Unfortunately, she crapped out again when it comes to her entrance theme. The Diva Dirt Team, as well as the majority of you readers agreed that Alicia’s new Nelly-esque theme is not doing the job. I know I already did a B-Side for Alicia, but her new theme in conjunction with her recent heel turn more than warranted a second go-round.

I usually wouldn’t have picked a rock song for Alicia, but this song in particular has a really cool hip hop beat meshed with some hard guitar riffs. It’s a really unique song, but I think Alicia has the personality to rock it out.

Pick #2 after the break:


When I first heard Alicia’s FCW theme I thought “This sounds like Goodies”. While I love her FCW theme, why not just just spring for the real thing? I would love to see Alicia strutting down to the ring to this tune, especially with some gold around her waist. * hint hint WWE*

So what do guys think? Do you like my choices or are you ready to press fast forward? Laeve your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. Also if you have any Diva B-Sides of your own, send them to me at [email protected] with Diva B-sides in the subject line. Maybe you’ll see your idea in a future post.

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