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Exclusive Fan Report: Beth, Melina Wow Scottish Audience

Don’t you just hate it when you visit a news site and read house show results and they have paragraphs dedicated to the men and one line for the Divas? I know I do. Well Diva Dirt reader, Iain sent along this exclusive fan report from WWE’s WrestleMania Revenge European tour which is currently stopped in Glasgow, Scotland.

Check out Iain’s thoughts on tonight’s show which saw Beth Phoenix and Melina compete for the Women’s Championship:

It was unbelievably awesome! Melina defended her title against Beth Phoenix in one of the most satisfying diva matches since last year. Kelly Kelly acted as special ref while Rosa Mendes watched from ringside. It was fairly long, probably about 10 minutes with Melina picking up the win. The crowd were really into it and a lot of impressive moves were used. Melina also used a couple of moves I had never seen before which were:

1) A bodyscissors around Beth’s waist so that they were facing each other then Melina bent right back and performed a hurricanrana, throwing Beth onto the ropes (619 style).

2) Melina kicked Beth in the stomach so she bent over then ran, bounced off the ropes and delivered a big boot to Beth’s head with Melina falling into the splits.

Both moves were really impressive! The match was simply awesome.

Also, I attended the WWE signing with Kelly Kelly and Melina. Both of them looked even more incredible in real life and couldn’t have been nicer to me and my friends. They reminded us to cheer as loud as we could and then Melina started laughing at Kelly who kept making sound effects when she was signing things. Two lovely ladies! :)

Hopefully we’ll have some pictures from the event to accompany this post, so stay tuned. Thanks to Iain for the report! If you’d like to send in your own exclusive Diva-centric house show report, please e-mail us at [email protected].

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