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Exclusive: Knockouts VP Karen Jarrett Issues Warning to Rosita and Other Knockouts

After getting into a little Twitter back-and-forth last weekend, Knockouts VP Karen Jarrett has fired a word of warning towards former Knockouts Tag Team Champion, Rosita — and she has a warning for the other Knockouts, too!

It all started on last week’s “bad girls” episode of TNA Spin Cycle when Rosita spoke her mind directly to the Knockouts VP, sarcastically referring to the lack of matches that she and cousin Sarita have received in the Knockouts division under Karen’s reign. She quipped: “Is she going to threaten us by putting us in a match?”

Things then got heated on Twitter between the pair on Sunday. Karen wrote in response to the above quote: “No, because you can’t wrestle! Not worth watching!”

Rosita fired back: “Coming from who? Jeff’s WIFE?! Ur talking 2 a REAL WRESTLER from MEXICO. I can work circles round U &ur ‘tag champs’.”

The exchange continued into the early evening. You can read the tweets between the pair at @karenjarrett and @VIVAROSITA.

Addressing Rosita exclusively on DD360 earlier this week, Karen told us: “One thing that I think that these girls forget [is that], I have the power that at any point in time when I decide I don’t want to play this game anymore, they’re gone. They’re gone. So she thinks she’s gonna get on Twitter and run her little mouth… I have the power to say, ‘You know what, little girl, you won’t be coming back to the Impact Zone’.”

She further added a warning to the entire Knockouts roster, saying: “One of these days, I’m going to make an example out of one of them!”

When probed further about who she might make an example out of, Karen said: “My top two would probably be Traci Brooks and, you know, I’d love to let Velvet [Sky] go, but that’d be too easy. There’s something about tormenting her that I get so much enjoyment out of.”

Miss Karen is not playing! How will Rosita respond? We’re staying glued to her Twitter page…

Listen to the full interview with Karen Jarrett on DD360 at this link.

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