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Extreme Rules Preview & Predictions: 09.26.21

Tonight WWE gets extreme…well at least by the title of the event. At Extreme Rules, we have two women’s championship matches and a grudge match to look forward to.

The first match sees Becky Lynch defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair. Alexa Bliss challenges Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women’s Championship and Liv Morgan goes one-on-one with Carmella.

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Lynch and Belair have been on a collision course ever since The Man made her surprise and controversial return to WWE at SummerSlam. Lynch sucker-punched The EST of WWE with a Manhandle Slam before pinning her for the title in just twenty-six seconds.

In the weeks following, Lynch has done everything to gloat about her win and get under the skin of Belair. This included interrupting The EST’s Knoxville County celebration.

The build to this match has been well crafted. Belair is excellent in the chasing role and Lynch is very entertaining as the cocky and confident champ. The fact that the physicality is kept to a minimum adding further interest for the match.


John: Lynch and Belair have both been excellent in this storyline. Lynch is constantly getting the upper hand in the angles, which would imply that Belair will give the Man her just desserts. However, the return of Sasha Banks will end this match in a no contest leading towards a triple threat match in the future.

Nick: The build-up for tonight’s championship matches for both SmackDown and RAW have been decent. Having the women have minimal contact on-screen has helped. For this one, I don’t see Lynch dropping the title here. Bianca chasing the title right now is doing very well for her crowd reaction to build her up even more so when she does become champion again it will be something to watch.

Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss – RAW Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules

Alexa Bliss went after Charlotte Flair as soon as she won the title at SummerSlam. The following night Bliss and her haunted doll Lilly introduced themselves to the champ. Since then Bliss has aggravated the Queen with her own doll Charly and shown her that she still possesses the skills to become champion once again.

The dynamic between the two has been great. Bliss has slowly grown into a popular babyface with the live crowd fully behind her whereas Charlotte is using her heel tendencies to the fullest extent.

Again there has been little contact between the two leaving fans excited for them to clash at the PPV.


John: Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair have killed it in this feud. Bliss has become a huge face while Flair is reveling in the heel role that she is born to play. Charlotte doesn’t need the title and Bliss can do some really interesting things with it. Give Alexa Bliss her flowers for owning her role and the championship for being the best thing on WWE television for months. Bliss as the champion will be great and give WWE programming something to talk about.

Nick: I have really enjoyed the build to this match as I have stated earlier. Both women have been getting a huge crowd reaction from this. If one title will change hands I believe it will be this one. Alexa Bliss will become the RAW Women’s Champion for the first time since her last singles title win in 2017.

Liv Morgan vs Carmella

Liv Morgan vs Carmella at Extreme Rules

After months of back-and-forth between the two, Liv Morgan threw down the gauntlet to Carmella threatening to make her as hideous on the outside as she is on the inside.

This match could have had a much better build with the history between these two. At an event called Extreme Rules this match could have easily been a No DQ or Falls Count Anywhere style of match. Another stipulation with the draft coming up is the loser could “automatically” be drafted to RAW. If Corey Graves stays on RAW there is a good chance Carmella will be joining him come next week.


John: WWE keeps threatening to push Liv Morgan but always pumps the brakes whenever she gets some momentum. A win here would get her back on track and hopefully into title contention.

Nick: Liv Morgan is the right choice all the way around. Unless the upcoming draft says otherwise, having Becky, Bianca, Sasha, and Bayley all on SmackDown makes me worry about Liv’s placement. Regardless, Liv will win this and Carmella will end up being drafted to RAW.

What do you make of our predictions for Extreme Rules? Let us know and add your own in the comments below and check back in later today for an Extreme Rules Discussion Post.

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