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Fan Report & Pictures from FCW Live Event in Punta Gorda, FL (February 12th)

Long-time reader Bobby Lea Burchill sent in the following report and pictures from an FCW live event last night:

I attended the FCW Live Event on February 12th with Vickie Guerrero as the special meet and greet guest. I’ll try to go in order and remember everything I can so bear with me lol. After we go inside, the line for Vickie was already huge as I had stopped to meet some of the FCW stars before she came out. Then out of nowhere everyone starts clapping and out she walks! Vickie looks insanely skinny in person, which was a topic of conversation from a lot of the fans. She’s really lost a lot of weight and looks great. As the line started moving, I could start to hear some things Vickie was saying, which interested me. She said how she almost didn’t make it out to the show due to a SmackDown live event but how she loves to give back to the fans because they are what has kept her in WWE as long as she’s been there. She even added how thankful she is for each of the storylines she’s been in.


Then I got up to her and (Though my typing probably wont make it sound as amazing as it really was) I basically told her how she was my favorite, and how I’d never been to this arena before but had to come once she was announced and she was so thankful and humble. She signed a picture I had and took a photo with me and told me to enjoy the show. She took time for each fan and nobody felt rushed. The show even started a little late because she was still going. Vickie was definitely the main TV star that seemed the most happy to come to FCW of everyone I’ve met.

Then I went into the actual arena part, and looked around to see who all was there. It took me a good 5 minutes to notice Naomi Night and Shaul Guerrero/Raquel Diaz were interviewing fans on camera to be included on the new FCW site in a shout out. While I didn’t do this, I sat and plotted when to go up to Naomi since I will never see her and not go for a pic due to her being like, my all time favorite. Once the camera was being put away, I ran up and asked if she’d sign the tourbook for me and she was like sure, and asked to borrow my sharpie to sign someone else’s book as well (which will now be sealed in a bag and never touched by anyone else again…in a non-psycho way of course). Then we took a pic together and she went to the back as the show was about to begin.

About the fifth match in I believe, Matt Martlaro announced the next contest was a Divas tag match, and to welcome the special guest referee, Maxine. The crowd like erupted, it was insane lol. She probably got one of the biggest reactions of the night. After her entrance, out came Divas Champion, AJ and the new Queen of FCW, Aksana who are hilarious together. Following them was Naomi Night, and participating in her second match, Raquel Diaz/Shaul Guerrero. The match started off with Naomi and she was on fire the entire time, wow. She’s insane in the ring, including this cool move to Aksana where she put Aks in between the ropes and slingshot her up and down while smacking her (descriptions do no justice). Shaul then tagged in and went to work on AJ Lee. Shaul is very new, but I enjoyed her performance when she was hitting moves. She spent majority of the match being worked over by AJ and Aksana, which included AJ doing this cool split leg choke on the corner, only for Shaul to push AJ’s leg away and send AJ into a split.

Raquel went for multiple tags to Naomi, but couldn’t make it, until she finally was able to (I think this is right but don’t quote me) double clothesline AJ in the corner allowing both women to tag out. Naomi came in and was amazing live. She still incorporates new moves, and even did her great lifting spin kick over the ropes in the corner. She went for the booty call but Aksana managed to push her away and Shaul tagged back in. Aksana went for I believe a suplex as my memory’s a little foggy, and Shaul countered and landed on top of her. The finish came when Aksana went for a sunset flip and Shaul tried to fight it and get to the ropes, as Naomi took out AJ on the side. She finally got to the ropes, only for Maxine to kick her hands off and allow her to fall back into the pin for the three count.

Naomi and Shaul were pissed when it was over, and they started arguing with AJ, Aksana, and Maxine, until out of nowhere….EXCUSE ME. The crowd loved it, and out came Vickie Guerrero to a massive pop, with a few boos just due to her character on television lol. She got into the ring and got right into Maxine’s face, asking if she knows that she is the acting general manager of SmackDown. Maxine replied that this is not SmackDown, and instead FCW, where she’s the GM. They argued back and forth as Shaul slowly bent down behind Maxine. When in place, Vickie shoved Maxine and she fell over Shaul. Shaul covered her and Vickie then counted the 3 count to a great response. After the match, Vickie celebrated with Shaul and Naomi, giving each a hug and raising their hands in victory.

Hands down, the best divas segment I’ve seen live. Nobody expected Vickie to be a part of the show, so it was great when she came out at the end. The match was pretty solid from what I recall. You can definitely see how new Raquel/Shaul is, but I don’t think she’s really that bad, and putting her on the FCW live events can only help her to improve her ring work. She’s got a great look to her as well, quite a few tattoos which should help her stand out. Overall, just an awesome show and meeting Vickie was the best. Anyone who has a chance, should definitely take it.


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