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Fantasy Booking: Final 4 for the Royal Rumble


Credit: WWE

The fourth and final choice for my fantasy Final Four is Naomi. I previously spoke on Naomi returning and winning the whole thing. Although that would be ideal, it isn’t the most likely to happen. But getting her to the final four would be something to see.

Naomi needs a good push upon her return. Prior to her going out of action in July, she wasn’t being utilized much. A nice spot with the other three women on this list may help give her a boost. It leaves a good impression for her to have a good show out in this Rumble amidst her style of avoiding elimination.

An interaction with these four women has many future matches combined into one. We see not only the potential for Shirai vs. Belair but either one of them versus Banks or Naomi would be fun to watch.

Naomi is the only one on this list to have been in both prior rumbles. In 2018 she entered at number 20 and was eliminated shortly after six minutes by Nia Jax. Last year she didn’t last nearly as long as she was eliminated by Mandy Rose in under two minutes. She entered at 16.

In this booking, Sasha Banks still comes out as the most plausible winner. The main differences between the two is that in this scenario it gives those that could actually use the win a fighting chance.

Who is in your fantasy booking for a Final Four? Discuss in the comments and don’t forget to check out the Royal Rumble tonight, Jan. 26 on the WWE Network starting at 7 p.m. ET.

Check back in with coverage from Diva Dirt throughout and after the show. There will be a discussion post for our readers to chat.

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