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Fast 5: Things the Knockouts did first

For the past year, the keywords “First Ever Women’s…” have been plastered all over marketing for WWE’s Women’s Division from the ‘First Ever’ Women’s Royal Rumble to the ‘First Ever’ Women’s Elimination Chamber. Even ROH is in on the action, with their tournament to crown the inaugural Women of Honor Champion well under way. It’s truly an amazing time for women’s pro-wrestling across the globe and in mainstream programming. However, there was one mainstream promotion that did it first that many people seem to forget. Long before the WWE Divas had a ‘Revolution’, the TNA Knockouts ‘Crossed The Line’.

Sure there were other periods where women were highlighted, most notably WWE’s Golden Era of 2002 to 2004 and the creation of Shimmer in 2005. However, the Knockouts took over Impact in a way that had never been seen before towards a mainstream audience and they still continue to receive opportunities. Since the birth of the Knockouts division, they have given them ball to run with: several segments per show, several matches per show, multiple feuds, longer PPV matches and their own merchandise.

With WWE plugging it’s ‘Women’s Evolution’ and having their Female Superstars plastered across all their marketing, it’s interesting to see how they have overlooked several ‘First Feats’ that were completed by their TNA rivals long ago.

Almost a year ago, pioneer Knockout and Impact Hall of Famer Gail Kim went vocal about the topic. Almost a year later, the ‘First Ever’s keep rolling and more of the work of the Knockouts is being forgotten!

So let’s take a history lesson to see where WWE has tried to re-write… or even write over some incredible accomplishments in this week’s ‘Fast Five’ of things the Knockouts did first!

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