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FCW Recap: May 24, 2009 – A Sign of Things To Come?


This past weekend, FCW held another one of its weekly event for our Divas. After not having any Divas action on the FCW card last week, we were definitely treated to a great match this time around. The reigning Queen of FCW, Angela Fong, put her crown on the line against the third generation Diva, Natalya. In a weird turn of events, Beth Phoenix‘s intern, Rosa Mendes, was in the corner of Natalya (with matching outfits). Apparently Rosa’s infatuation with getting the crown off Angela continued, so she resorted to bringing Natalya in to hopefully dethrone the Queen. Check it out below:

FCW: Angela Fong vs. Natalya w/ Rosa Mendes

Talk about impressive! I definitely think this match was Angela’s official “tryout” match if you will before she gets a call to ECW. This is definitely a feud I can see happening on ECW and it looks as though management wanted to test the waters to see how Angela works in the ring with the best of them, and who better than Natalya? I think Angela held her own and showed she is ready for the big leagues.

My major disappointment with this match was the ending. After almost 6 minutes of action, Rosa has to jump on the apron and cause a blatant disqualification? All this obsession over the crown is getting pretty stale, and it makes me wonder why in the world they don’t just turn this “crown” into a title belt?! At least Rosa would have a legitimate reason for being obsessed with getting the championship instead of that tacky plastic crown.

Technically speaking, this match really showed why Natalya is the most under-utilized Diva on the roster. Hopefully, her participation in the New Hart Foundation will allow her to get more presence in the ring, but I think as long as she’s on ECW with no other Divas, all she’s going to get is more TV time, not wrestling time. She didn’t blow my mind away with her offense, but she definitely impressed me. Like I said last Recap, Angela continues to improve in the ring. Her high-flying offense matches up with her Matrix-like defense, and I loved when Natalya got frustrated and started stomping in the ring; great qualities for a heel to have.

Natalya was truly showing why she is the powerhouse, veteran Diva. She worked Angela on the mat like a pro and has all of the technical moves down, especially the surfboard submission. Catching Angela off the turnbuckle and slamming her down in the Samoan Drop was definitely the big “Ouch!” moment of the match. Dusty Rhodes said it best, “What it comes down to is experience… and Natalya is beating the snot out of Angela.” I am glad the commentators spend the majority of the match time focusing on the Divas, unlike Raw or SmackDown where they are forced to continuously hype other matches or recap what’s already happened.

Just when the match was heating up with Angela’s high-flying tactics against Natalya’s strength, Rosa made her interference. Hopefully this match showed WWE that Angela can get the call up to ECW and hopefully develop a personality to match her in-ring skills! I’m thinking a rematch or a tag match next week to continue this rivalry… we’ll just have to wait and see!

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