Saturday, December 2, 2023

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FCW Watch: AJ and Aksana vs. Sonia and Audrey Marie

This week on FCW, there’s quite a bit of diva action to behold, as not only does the reigning Queen/Champion Aksana team up with current Smackdown Geek Goddess, AJ, but they face off against the (TV in-ring) debuting Sonia, and the actual TV debut of Audrey Marie in tag team action. Quite the mouthful, but that’s still not it, because before the match Sonia and Audrey take the mic for a team interview with Briley Pierce.

Check out how the action unfolds below…

We head to the interview area where Briley Pierce stands with the debuting Sonia and Audrey Marie. Pierce remarks how he cant believe he gets paid to do this, before questioning what they plan to do in their debut against two of the most decorated divas in the promotion, AJ and Aksana. Audrey (complete with southern accent) reveals a moving saying that her grandma told her, in that she could decorate a cow all she wants, but at the end of the day it’s still a cow. She doesn’t mean Aksana and AJ are like farm animals or anything, and starts to get riled up at the thought of facing off against them before Sonia takes control and tells her to calm down. Sonia remarks that while AJ and Aksana may be the two most successful divas, Sonia and Audrey have a good feeling that after tonight they will be known as losers (get the picture?).

From there, we head to the ring as Eden announces the upcoming match and the team of AJ/Aksana make their way to the ring. After a few failed attempts to get the bell rung, it finally commences and we are underway. Sonia and AJ lock up in the center of the ring, as AJ takes control sending Sonia into the ropes. She flies in with a reverse elbow to send the newcomer to the mat for a two count. Sonia takes control and sends AJ into the corner, where she applies an illegal chokehold until the count of three. She takes it upon herself to distract the referee, which allows Audrey to grab AJ from the hair and send her down. Sonia goes for a pinfall, but only gets a 2 count. This seems to infuriate her, as she lets out a shrill scream at the sight of AJ’s kick out.

Sonia throws AJ back into the corner and begins choking her with her boot until she makes the tag to Audrey. Audrey Marie proceeds to kick AJ in the stomach, before tossing her down by the back of the head. Marie then applies a knee to the back of Lee, as she bends AJ back by applying a modified camel clutch to add even more pressure to the back of AJ. The crowd begins to get behind AJ, but Audrey lets go of the hold and begins to taunt AJ until Lee manages to slap her in the stomach. Marie applies a front face lock and falls back into the corner, where Sonia makes the tag back in.

Sonia gets a roll up for a one count, before taking control with another front face lock. AJ tries to fight out, but Sonia takes control with a mat slam. From there, she begins clawing at the back of Lee, before digging her knee into the back and stretching her arms out in a nice modified surfboard, making sure to break it before her own shoulders were counted for a two. She then kicks AJ to the mat and Audrey tags back in. Sonia tosses Audrey into AJ with a double team clothesline of sorts, as Marie then sends AJ into a different corner and goes for a body splash, but Lee manages to move out of the way and tag in her partner. Aksana charges with two clotheslines to Audrey, followed by a bodyslam and slap to the face for a two count.

Sonia attempts to break the pinfall up, but Aksana manages to toss her outside the ring. Audrey tries to take advantage with a roll up, but makes the mistake of putting her feet on the ropes with the referee in clear view. She takes it upon herself to argue with the ref over his call, distracting her just long enough for the Champion to take control with a roundhouse kick to the head for the victory. Sonia and Audrey exit the ring as AJ and Aksana pose for the crowd.

Thoughts: Well first off, it was great to finally see some new faces on TV. For a while it’s been the same batch of females used, so it’s cool to see some change. The promo was interesting, I’m not sure I bought Audrey’s southern accent, maybe it’s just from hearing her in person, but I thought her gimmick was funny and at least I was entertained. I enjoyed Sonia a lot and I think she comes off well as a heel. The match was solid for what it was. Audrey was green, but I expected it given how new she is. She didn’t mess anything up, she just seemed to not know where to go next in parts, which like I said, is understandable. I enjoyed Sonia and AJ working together, especially the submission hold towards the middle of the match, and it’s good to see Aksana pick up another win since she’s billed as the top of the division. I would like to see Sonia as her next challenger though to freshen things up.

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