Monday, December 4, 2023

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FCW Watch: AJ Lee and Courtney Taylor vs Rosa Mendes and Naomi Night

The first FCW Diva match of  2010 has found it’s way onto Youtube.  This match features rookie sensation AJ Lee teaming up with Courtney Taylor to take on the team of ECW Diva Rosa Mendes and the debuting Naomi Night. Check out  the action below:

skip to 3:30

I have to admit when I saw this match on paper I cringed. Rosa Mendes, who hasn’t exactly had the best showings between the ropes, teamed up with Naomi Night, who has only been training for four months?! A train wreck just waiting to happen, right?

To my surprise, these ladies put on a decent match. Rosa’s exile to ECW seems to have done her good, as her ring skills are a lot more polished here than they have been in her last few matches. She still no Molly Holly, but she managed to get through the match with no noticeable botches, which is always a good thing.

As always, AJ Lee put on a great show, but it was Courtney and Naomi that really caught my eye in this match. Courtney hasn’t had very much time in the ring as of late, but she managed to do pretty well. Her kick at the end was a little sketchy and her finisher needs a complete overhaul, but aside from that, a solid outing from Taylor. Naomi came out of the gate showing some sass in her ring entrance and exhibiting a grasp of the fundamentals. She didn’t get much offense in, but perhaps that’s for the best. A sure shot way to botch up your match is trying to do too much before you’re ready. By no means in she ready for the main roster, but at this rate she could be a solid competitor before too long.

How did you guys feel about the match-up? Did Naomi Night’s debut leave you wanting more? Have your say in the comments!

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