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FCW Watch: Aksana vs Kaitlyn

This week, FCW continues to showcase their Divas division with a match to be contested for the coveted Divas Championship. Reigning champion, and everyone’s favorite Lithuanian, Aksana, defends her gold against the winner of NXT Season 3, and SmackDown Diva, Kaitlyn. Can Aksana’s reign of dominance be stopped? Or will she continue to prove why she holds every female prize in FCW?

Check it out below…

Up first is the challenger, as Kaitlyn makes her way to the ring complete with the tune of ‘You Make the Rain Fall’. She hops into the ring and executes her somersault entrance, as Aksana’s music hits. Out comes the champion herself, pointing to everyone that they should acknowledge both her crown and championship. Aksana steps into the ring as the referee raises the title high in the air and we get things started.

The two Divas lock up as Kaitlyn takes the advantage and grabs Aksana around the waist. The champion then reverses into a waist lock of her own, as Kaitlyn breaks it and applies pressure to the wrist. Kaitlyn maneuvers it into an arm lock, which she then proceeds to lift Aksana off the ground and hoist her in air, before its countered as Aksana lands on her feet. Kaitlyn takes full advantage of this though, as she rams her shoulder into champ and knocks her to the floor.

Kaitlyn hooks the leg but doesn’t even get a one count. The challenger goes back to working over the arm and applies an arm lock, before transitioning to the wrist again. Aksana manages to roll through, and kip up, before reversing the wrist lock into a beautiful leg sweep to send Kaitlyn down. She then proceeds to drop an elbow for a one count. An irish whip sends Kaitlyn flying into the corner, but she ducks out of the way as Aksana charges towards her. Ever the smart Champion though, Aksana lifts her boot up and manages to avoid running into the corner herself.

As Kaitlyn sees Aksana in position, she lifts her leg up and ends up booting the champ in the stomach, before another irish whip sends Aksana back into the corner, this time for good. Aksana jumps off the bottom turnbuckle and lands both feet onto Kaitlyn’s shoulders, looking to go for a headscissors it looks. Using her proven upper body strength, Kaitlyn manages to lift Aksana over the top rope as she lands feet first onto the ring apron.

The challenger goes for a punch, but Aksana blocks it and executes one of her own to send Kaitlyn to the canvas. As the champion tries to step back inside, Kaitlyn manages to kick her in the knee, causing her to fall. Both women quickly get back to a vertical base, as Kaitlyn manages to headbutt Aksana right in the stomach for just a two count. From there, Kaitlyn continues to take control with a leg scissors, that she turns into a modified crucifix pin for another near fall.

Aksana finally breaks the hold, and sends Kaitlyn flying into the ropes. Kaitlyn manages to duck a clothesline and grab the champion by the waist. Aksana counters through and runs behind Kaitlyn, but Kaitlyn manages to reverse whatever Aksana was going to attempt into a nice back body drop. Aksana holds onto Kaitlyn’s legs for good measure and goes for a sunset flip, but Kaitlyn simply sits down on Aksana, before covering her for a close pinfall. Aksana rolls her over into another near pin, as both women get to two feet.

Kaitlyn goes to irish whip Aksana into the ropes, but holds on to her and charges with a knee to the stomach. She repeats this maneuver, only this time allowing Aksana to flip over the knee and fall to the canvas. A hook of the leg gets a two count for the challenger in this pretty even bout. Kaitlyn returns to the leg scissors, as Aksana repeatedly elbows out of it until she breaks out. Kaitlyn takes control with a few punches to the back, and goes to pick Aksana up until the champion counters with a jawbreaker.

A punch to the face of Kaitlyn, before Aksana sends Kaitlyn into the ropes and hits her with an elbow that seems to just stun Kaitlyn. A running clothesline though, takes the challenger down for good measure. A dropkick comes next, followed by an impactful smack to the face which might have knocked Kaitlyn back into her NXT days, gets a two count. Both women get to a vertical base, as Kaitlyn goes for another headbutt that Aksana counters into a backslide for the victory!

Thoughts: Yowza, talk about a back and forth match. I was impressed with both of them. Kaitlyn is pretty good when given longer matches, but I also thought this was one of Aksana’s best showings as well. She and Kaitlyn work well together and made for an enjoyable match overall.

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