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FCW Watch (April 8th, 2012): Paige & Rick Victor vs Audrey Marie & Aiden English

Greetings everyone, and welcome to this weeks FCW Watch extravaganza! Well, a lot has happened since we last joined you and I’ll take this time to sum it up. Basically, Brighthouse (the cable company that airs FCW) didn’t air the show for a few weeks for reasons I don’t know since I don’t get it. But during that time, a segment was filmed that involved new general manager, Summer Rae, announcing the retirement of our coveted Queen of FCW tiara. This means that now, the females solely fight for the Divas Title, and boy howdy (yes, I did just say boy howdy) fight will they ever! Tonight, we get mixed tag action as Audrey Marie and newcomer, Aiden English team up to face off against Paige and Rick Victor! Not only that, but Sofia Cortez will stand ringside in support of her fellow Anti-Barbie army member, Paige, and both Raquel Diaz and Summer Rae will be shown throughout the episode as well! No more stalling…let’s get started!

Out to the ring we go as Paige, Sofia Cortez, and Rick Victor make their way out from the back in what I hope is the start of a new stable! Caylee Turner, our prized ring announcer, informs us that only Paige and Rick will be competing tonight, but that doesn’t stop Sofia from making her presence felt as well. Once their music stops, that familiar upbeat theme of Audrey Marie hits and both she and Aiden English step out. They pose inside the ring as the bell sounds and we kick things off with the ladies! Paige tries to scream at a crowd member quickly, before locking up as Audrey takes the advantage with a side headlock takeover. Paige counters into a leg lock, but Audrey kips up and takes her down for a two count.

Audrey goes for another headlock, but Paige tries to reverse into a roll up that Audrey quickly puts a stop to. Paige then fights out and hits a shoulder block, before running off the ropes and stopping as Marie tried to trip her up. From there, Paige grabs Audrey by the leg and tags out to Rick. Aiden English comes in as well and takes Victor down with a few clotheslines and a dropkick! He goes for a standing bodyslam, but that enchanting raven haired lady, Paige, kicks him in the back of the leg and causes Rick to fall on top of Aiden for a two count. Rick proceeds to control the bout with a few kicks, then proceeding to uppercut Aiden into the corner.

A suplex follows up for another two count, as Rick proceeds to apply a chin lock in this one sided bout. Paige cheers her cohort on, as he drops a nice rolling knee to the face. Audrey gets the crowd behind Aiden, who finally begins to fight out (briefly). Rick goes for another knee, but Aiden rolls out of the way and tags in Audrey! Paige comes in as well and kicks Audrey in the stomach. A huge suplex follows up for a two count, as Paige then drops a neckbreaker, but just can not muster up a win. From there, Paige scores with a sick DDT, but again Audrey gets up. Paige tries to choke her on the ropes, then distracting the referee as Sofia drills Audrey with a neck snap!

Paige goes for another Suplex, but Audrey rolls through the legs and goes for a roll up…only Rick blind tagged himself in and she didn’t see it. Paige then throws Audrey out of the ring and NAILS a nasty slap to the face of Aiden as both she and Rick look to hit a double back body drop! Aiden avoids it and flips over Victor with a sunset flip, but Paige holds onto her partner. Audrey then crawls back in and takes Paige out, with Aiden and Rick doing battle inside the ring. Suddenly, out comes the FCW Divas Champion, Raquel Diaz, who takes Audrey down to the floor and attacks the cowgirl. These two fight all the way to the outside of the building, as Rick drills Aiden with a Canadian Lift inside the ring for the win! Paige and Sofia celebrate with Rick as this nice stable debuts as a trio victorious!

Also, check out FCW General Manager, Summer Rae in a backstage segment:

Thoughts: A pretty sweet match up between the four involved. I loved particularly, how Paige was able to mix it up with the guys throughout the contest. Most of the time you just see women against women and men against men, but it was refreshing to see a Diva get to actually go after one of the guys. I do think it got a little crowded/chaotic towards the end with Raquel, though. I think that would’ve been better if they had Rick get the pin first, and then Raquel could’ve attacked Audrey as she was checking on Aiden or something. The poor cameras were having a spaz attack trying to keep up with everything! All in all though, another fun match from FCW and I hope to see Audrey and Paige in a singles match soon.

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