Friday, March 1, 2024

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FCW Watch (Ep. 2): Kelly Kelly’s Diva Twist Off

On last night’s episode of FCW, Raw’s Kelly Kelly showed up to host a Diva-flavoured “twist off” competition and in true Diva fashion, it resulted in a catfight! Among the girls involved were the Bella Twins, a very fierce Roucka, Alicia Fox and honestly I couldn’t tell you who the others were. Maybe some of you more in-tune fans can comment and enlighten me?

Though a short and stupid segment, Kelly was pretty darn good on the microphone even though the crowd didn’t really seem into what she was saying. We’ve hardly ever seen Kelly cut a promo on WWE television, but she handled herself well. It’s good to see that WWE hasn’t dropped Alicia completely, I hope they repackage her and call her up again soon. As for Roucka, she’s looking hotter than ever and I love her attitude! Girl’s got swagger!


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